Have you been wondering if an annuity investment is right for you? If you’re nearing the age for retirement, or if you recently came upon a large lump sum of cash and you want to make it last, or even if you’re just trying to plan ahead for the future, then there’s a good chance that making such an investment is a smart idea.

But at this point, you’ve likely heard about the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund, and how it is actually a better investment than annuities. If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re still wondering if the Fixed Income Fund is right for you, then we think it’s high time we break it down in the simplest terms possible, in order to help you understand what our safe, reliable, high-return investment can offer to you.

In this blog, we’ll break down the ins and outs of the Fixed Income Fund, including our always fixed interest rates, some of the terms, how it works, and more.

Our goal is to help you achieve peace of mind when it comes to your money, whether you’re planning ahead or you’re ready for retirement. We always have the safety and security of your investment at the forefront of our minds, which is why we’re confident that we can help you achieve financial stability at a time where that’s not always so certain. So first, let’s start with the main perks of the Fixed Income Fund.

Fixed Income Fund Perks

We hear it a lot from our clients.

“How is the Fixed Income Fund different than a fixed annuity?” Well, we also hear how confusing the terms and conditions associated with annuities are to the everyday customer. Which is why we developed an innovative tactical strategy to serve as a better alternative to the annuity market. Here are just some of the facts.

  • Higher Interest Rates: We’ll touch on this more later, but with the Fixed Income Fund, you get the absolute highest interest rates possible. Because we aren’t tied to the fluctuating stock market, we are able to offer much higher rates than other firms or products. That means more bang for your buck, from the start of your investment all the way through maturation.
  • NO Fees: That’s right. With the Fixed Income Fund, you won’t be subjected to unwieldy fees, commissions, or other hidden costs. We only buy loans with valuations that exceed what we pay out, so that our beloved investors don’t have to lose out on returns by paying management fees, transaction fees, or investor fees.
  • Easy To Understand: How is our fund different, you ask? Well, it’s a whole lot easier to understand than the many different types of financial annuities out there. Here, you won’t have to worry about defaults, deferred interest, or hidden fees. Instead, all you really have to understand is how mortgages work. Our fund operates by purchasing mortgage and trust deed loans, so if you know how interest payments work, you’re already ahead of the curve.
  • Use Your Retirement Account: If you’ve already saved up a decent amount for retirement, you can use those savings to generate even more money through a stable, consistent monthly income. You can invest in the Fixed Income Fund using your IRA, 401K, SEP, and other qualified accounts and receive much higher interest than those may offer.

The Figures

Like we said above, the Fixed Income Fund is so advantageous because of the higher interest rates it offers to prospective investors. Higher interest means more money in your pocket throughout the duration of your note, whether it be two years or 30. While annuities, bonds, and CDs have low interest rates tied to the health of the volatile market, our rates are fixed and never fluctuate, offering you a much greater return on investment than you’d otherwise receive. Here’s how it all breaks down.

The current Fixed Income Fund rates include:

  • Two year note at 2.42 percent
  • Five year note at 3.37 percent
  • 10 year note at 4.75 percent
  • 30 year note at 5.75 percent

Those rates are almost unheard of in the investment world, and in many cases are upwards of two times higher than those offered by annuities. How do we know?

Well, just have a look at the chart below and see for yourself.

How It Works

So, now you know about the facts, figures, and the ins and outs of the Fixed Income Fund. But you may still be wondering how it actually works. Allow us to explain.

The Fixed Income Fund was formed by our manager, Mr. Dan Venegoni, in order to serve as a high return investment vehicle that offers steady returns through a diverse portfolio of real estate investments.

The Fixed Income Fund provides our clients with a stable, consistent income stream monthly, or at different intervals if they choose in order to compound wealth.

We purchase residential (and some commercial) mortgage and trust deed loans throughout the United States, typically in historically stable markets and that are backed by single family residences. This helps us protect against market risk, and allows us to ensure that we are concentrating our holdings in the largest market segment with the most potential buyers.

After acquiring these loans, we sell them to the general public and are able to reap the benefits of their interest payments, which we then pay out to the investors who helped make our loan transaction possible.

Sound simple enough? It truly is. And in order to protect against risk, which certainly comes with any type of investment, we employ a few tactical strategies to help keep your money safe and flowing.

They include:

  • Pooled investments in order to purchase a variety of loan types, including commercial, residential, and sometimes even construction, to diversify our portfolio and protect against the risk of single loan defaults.
  • Targeted holdings that meet the average transaction standards for the area, and in markets with advantageous foreclosure laws to secure a quick exit in the event of a non-performing loan.
  • A contingency reserve to represent our legal interests in the event of a property foreclosure, as well as continue paying our investors’ returns in the event of a non-performing (or defaulting) loan. That means you’ll never have to miss out on your monthly income, no matter what.
  • Holdings with a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 70 percent, which helps to create a buffer through collateral assets.

Get Started Today

The Tactical Wealth Fixed Income fund is built to give you peace of mind. If you’re an investor looking for stable, consistent monthly income that you can count on, with a greater return than you can get from annuities and bonds, then our fund just might be right for you. Contact us today to get your free report, and take the first step towards making the investment that you deserve.