If you’re like us, sales is in your blood.

You’re always looking for the next big sale, which will lead to the next big paycheck, and hopefully set you up for financial success throughout your career.

But sometimes, as an agent who sells primarily annuities, you may be hoping for a little bit more.

As your compensation resets back to zero each month, you may be wondering if this is the right path for you.

How can you better set yourself up for the future for financial security? For retirement, even.

It’s time you start thinking about the next big thing. It’s time you start thinking about creating residual, long-lasting income streams.

Introducing the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund compensation plan.

Working as an agent who sells the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income provides you with more than just a job.

It gives you peace of mind and a groundwork for receive recurring revenue throughout your career.

How do we do it?

Our compensation plan factors in the entire lifecycle of an agent’s activity, meaning your payouts will only increase as you receive up to one percent of credit every period for the total sales you generated in the previous periods.

This provides a significantly more lucrative commission opportunity than otherwise provided by annuities.

Plus, we feature an early retirement plan through our built-in business buyout for those looking to hang up their sales hat and life the rest of their life worry-free.

Interested yet?

Here’s how it works.

Our Fund

The Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund provides the perfect investment vehicle for clients looking to earn stable, reliable income.

To do this, we buy mortgage and trust deed loans which pay out steady interest at a rate that is fixed throughout a maturity duration agreed upon by the investor.

Our product is less risky and easier to understand than the complex terms and conditions associated with annuities, bonds, and other securities.

Since we deal in real estate, all our clients (and our agents) really need to understand is how mortgages work. It’s that simple!

Plus, our client renewal rate is currently around 86 percent, as opposed to a much lower 32 percent for annuities.

Our Compensation Plan

So, how does our product benefit our agents?


We utilize the power of recurring revenue to attract and retain team members who are seeking a more consistent payment stream which takes into account their total production, not just their production in one time period.

We pay our agents up to one percent every period for all of the assets they helped raise which are active in the Fixed Income Fund.

We also have two variations of our standard compensation plan, which includes a higher upfront payout in exchange for less recurring payouts.

Ready for retirement? We have a built-in exit plan that pays out your book completely to receive a large final payment when you decide it’s time to coast into the next stage of your life.

Our plan allows you to make more than double the total compensation you’d otherwise earn while selling annuities.

It’s that simple. It’s that effective.

Contact Tactical Wealth today to decide which option would be best for you, and become an agent for the Fixed Income Fund today!

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