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Fixed Income Fund.

Stable, Consistent Income. Peace of Mind.

No Investor Fees • Diversified Assets • 40% Excess Collateral • Flexible Terms


With the safety of investors’ income and principal in mind, the Fixed Income Fund generates consistent and stable income by issuing or purchasing mortgage and trust deed loans according to strict underwriting criteria with a maximum Loan-to-Value ratio of 70 percent. The Fixed Income Fund diversifies its portfolio by loan type, maturities, and property locations, but will concentrate on loans in areas with historically stable valuations to avoid potential bubbles, as well as concentrating in areas with advantageous foreclosure laws for quick exits of non-performing loans.

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"If you are a risk averse accredited investor looking for income greater than you can get with annuities and bonds without the need for immediate liquidity, this may be suitable for you."

Maturities & Rates


Effective Rate

1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
4 Years
5 Years
7 Years
10 Years
20 Years
30 Years


The Fixed Income Fund has established a “Contingency Reserve” to cover additional legal expenses that secure the fund’s interests in non-performing loans including foreclosure proceedings. Unlike investments in bonds and annuities that have no tangible assets backing them, an investment in the Fixed Income Fund provides for multiple methods of investment recovery in the event of a default including property sale, property rental, or selling a loan.

Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Company was formed to serve as an investment vehicle for certain accredited investors in connection with its planned operation of one or more funds that will each invest in a portfolio of fixed income investments.

The Company proposes to sell the Secured Notes pursuant to Rule 506(c) under Regulation D of the 1933 Securities Act only to certain accredited investors, through general solicitation, subject to documentation in definitive subscription agreements and qualifying accredited investor representation letters.

The Fund manages risk utilizing a number of techniques and tools varying from Pooled Investments to Contingency Reserves.

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Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund, LLC (TWFIF) is a Delaware Limited Liability Company. TWFIF was formed for the primary purpose of making and arranging residential and commercial loans to the general public, acquiring existing residential and commercial loans, and selling residential and commercial loans, all of which are or will be secured by deeds of trust and mortgages on real estate throughout the United States.

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