Private Lending With Tactical Wealth

At Tactical Wealth Finance Solutions, we create unique and creative private financing solutions to both new and existing investment clients of the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund.

Utilizing offerings like no-doc, asset based loans which are secured by real estate and portfolio holdings, as well as traditional credit-based loans, Tactical Wealth Finance Solutions is able to provide superior private financing to those individuals in search of a more viable, more efficient option.

Our proprietary, risk-averse approach to private lending solutions allows us to create tailor-made offerings to individuals in order to maximize tax efficiency, lower interest costs, lower down payment requirements, and maximize borrower net worth and cash flow.

Tactical Wealth serves as a private lender, meaning we are not limited to the underwriting requirements of banks and other institutions which simply sell the loans immediately upon closing.

What makes us different? We fully intend to keep loans on our books for the long haul, and we’re free to structure terms that meet our particular investment guidelines.

Below is a summary of the private lending programs available to current and future investors. Contact Tactical Wealth today to learn more or to generate your free fixed income investment report.

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Loan Programs Summary

Wealth Builders Program

Get On The Fast Track To Buying And Building Equity In Property

With the Wealth Builders Program, individuals are locked into a short-term property loan, so more of the monthly payment goes toward the principal value of the home. This program features 26 payment periods per year (bi-weekly schedule) in order to significantly cut interest costs.

We also offer an investment credit match toward rate buydown, allowing you to move investment assets to our Tactical Wealth Advisors and fixed income fund program in order to get a reduced interest rate. With that option, Loan-To-Value ratios are calculated using both the property and investment accounts in order to lower both the LTV ratio and interest rate.

In the Wealth Builders Program, our asset based loan interest rate buydown options include:

  • Cash down payment
  • Decreased interest rate by moving investment accounts to Tactical Advisors/Fixed Income Fund
  • One percent lower loan interest rate per 20 percent of loan value of those investments moved to Tactical Wealth.
  • Base Loan Example: $400,000 at 8 percent
    • Move $160,000 investment to TWA, resulting loan is $400,000 at 6 percent
    • Move $400,000 investment, resulting loan is $400,000 at 3 percent
    • Move $640,000 investment, resulting loan is $400,000 at 0 percent

That’s what makes our private lending solutions so advantageous.

In addition, when loans are paired with non-qualified investment accounts, you (the borrower) are not liable for any loan repayment up to the investment amount. This creates a floor value for property while also cutting the risk of loss.

Other benefits of the Wealth Builders loan program from Tactical Wealth include:

  • Payment Credits: On-time payment history is rewarded after 12 months with an annual refund check equal to 5 percent of your monthly interest payments. Start in January and get your check just in time for the holidays!
  • Life Insurance: Protect yourself and your family by including life insurance in the mortgage to ensure the loan is paid off in the event of death. That leaves your home in the hands of your family and provides estate planning benefits.
  • Friend/Family Assistance: Friends and family can help first time, low credit, and low down payment home buyers to secure their loan without costing them anything. This option is effectively a non-cash buydown and puts zero mortgage liability on the friend/family member aiding the borrower. Think of it as co-signing on steroids. Here’s how it works: a loan payment credit is issued for each month that the investment is held in the Tactical Wealth Advisors Fixed Income Fund. Investments can be pulled out at anytime, which would end the payment credit on mortgage.

Contact Tactical Wealth private financing solutions to learn more about the Wealth Builders program.

Max Tax Savings Loan Program

Through the Max Tax Savings private lending program from Tactical Wealth, investors gain access to information and strategies regarding new tax laws and their implications.

In addition, our tax arbitrage strategy creates an opportunity to improve your tax efficiency significantly. Through this method, we create loans with higher interest rates for higher deductions now, paired with an investment that compounds returns and defers taxable interest until maturity.

This comes in handy for those approaching retirement as it provides a deduction at a higher tax rate now, rather than the tax rate incurred on interest paid during retirement when in a lower tax bracket.

Additional advantages of our tax arbitrage strategy include:

  • Alternative Structured Loans: With upfront points instead of monthly interest, this structure allows you to bunch deductions into a single year in order to maximize tax deductions and returns.
  • Structured Tax Benefits: Loan provides additional tax benefits for property through charitable remainder trusts, timer harvesting, conservation easements, etc.
  • Sale/Leaseback Options: When it comes to estate planning, this can be a beneficial solution. We can buy your property and lease it back to you, removing your home from any taxable estate while allowing you to live in the same place.
  • Life Insurance: Provide peace of mind for yourself and your family by including life insurance in the mortgage to ensure it’s paid off in the event of death.

Investors Program (For Non-Owner Occupied Property)

This private lending option is available to those property investors and cash buyers who are looking to build their net worth. Our Investors Program allows you to have two assets (house/property and an investment) on the balance sheet with just one loan liability.

Benefits of our private financing program for property investors include:

  • Pyramid equity loan program for multiple properties
  • Funding for multiple properties — structure business financing for future projects and receive credit for successful projects
  • Maximize cash flow with interest-only payments or even deferred payments
  • Reduced loan payments during market decline
  • Built-in hardship loan modification terms
  • Built-in project extension terms

Tactical Wealth Finance Solutions is happy to find a private, asset based loan that fits your needs and strategy. Contact Tactical Wealth today to learn more and get the peace of mind you deserve.