The Fixed Income Fund is quickly becoming one of the most well-known, powerful, and advantageous investments for a number of people.

That’s because it fits so well for so many people, whether you are new to the investing scene and are planning ahead, or you are already in retirement. The fact of the matter is, you just might be surprised as to how our fixed income model can help you achieve financial security, peace of mind, and happiness now and in the future.

By providing consistent lifetime income, even while stock markets dip and dive, you can build and maintain wealth while still experiencing the lifestyle to which you are accustomed.

So how do you know if fixed income is right for you? That’s simple. If you’re ready for a better solution, then you would be well-served to contact Tactical Wealth. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the common profiles which have found and will continue to find serenity with the Fixed Income Fund.

Who Needs Fixed Income?

Who Can Benefit From Fixed Income Fund

These are a few profiles of clients we have seen and heard from over the years who have used the Fixed Income Fund to their advantage to create tax efficiencies, live well in retirement, and plan ahead for the future.


  • You’ve done a great job saving and accumulating wealth, and now you’re ready to reap the rewards of all that hard work in retirement.
  • Your expenses are under control and fixed, and you need to use your savings to replace your old salary and maintain your lifestyle.
  • The FIF can help by providing consistent, stable monthly income so you don’t have to dip into your savings.

Preparing For Retirement

  • Worried about the volatile stock market and its tendency to crash? Now is the time to move to fixed income before the next bubble bursts.
  • There’s no time to recover from potential losses before you retire. The FIF provides secure, stable income without the risk.

Experienced/Savvy Investors

  • An investment in the Fixed Income Fund helps to stabilize the volatile performance of aggressive growth portfolios.
  • The FIF is best at offsetting declining values during bear markets.
  • Allows you to hold aggressive positions through periods of low performance and not realize the loss.
  • Provides cash flow needed while buying time for aggressive positions to recover.

Young Professionals

  • Leary of markets because they’re too complicated, carry excessive fees, and have heard horror stories about markets crashing and being unable to retire? The FIF solves that.
  • You want an incredible simple transparent, and of course lucrative retirement plan.
  • Our 30-year compounded investment generates an ROI of over 426 percent, which is 14.5 percent annually — which blows other investments out of the water by more than double without the pain and panic.

Tax-Astute Investor

  • You need fixed income and the comfort of knowing the tax impact of your income in order to plan for ever-changing tax laws and maintain your lifestyle.
  • We have creative tax structures to achieve the highest tax efficiency, allowing investors to control the impact.

Professional/Institutional Investors

  • The FIF meets and exceeds your objectives and clients’ desires.
  • Complement the portfolio you have built for your clients while increasing value.
  • Clients trust brokers who match them with the best product over products which pay highest commission.
  • Fiduciary requirements and regulatory standards are satisfied with an investment in FIF.
  • Not to mention, the Fixed Income Fund meets all of the regulatory standards required by private foundations and charitable trusts — all while providing the highest fixed income available.

Fixed Income Facts

The advantages of generating fixed income for life are simply unbeatable. And when it comes to building that type of wealth, the best fixed income product available is the Fixed Income Fund. When compared to other lifetime annuities, the FIF carries all of the benefits without any of the downfalls, fees, or risks.

Among the advantages of the Fixed Income Fund are:

  • Simple, Easy To Understand Investment
  • Stable, Consistent Monthly Income Deposited Directly Into Your Bank Account Monthly
  • Higher Growth Rates Than Bonds, Annuities, And Other Fixed Securities
  • Flexible and Creative
  • Many Payout Options Available, Including Lifetime Income For Unique Tax Efficiencies
  • NO Fees
  • Risk Management Plan In Place
  • Diversified Assets, Backed By Real Value
  • IRA Qualified

It’s time you make an investment that goes to work for you. Learn about getting lifetime income with the Fixed Income Fund and get your free report today.