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The strategy you utilize for withdrawing your retirement assets is just as, if not more, important as developing a strategy for accumulating those assets.

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Creating A Tax Efficient Retirement

You may have assets in IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts), employer-sponsored (or solo) 401K plans, or even taxable retirement investment accounts.

So, how do you know which accounts your distributions should come from, and in what order, to minimize taxes?

We offer three potential strategies for you to consider, each with its own benefits and tax efficiencies which can help you save more money and live better through retirement.

The tax efficient retirement strategies we employ at Tactical Wealth Advisors include:

  • Pro-Rata Strategy
  • Sequential Strategy
  • Sequential With Roth Conversion Strategy

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Retirement Account Tax Scenarios To Consider

Retirement tax can be surprising.

When you consider the fact that your salary and other income tends to drop off between the retirement age (67) and age 70, you may think that you’re in the clear when it comes to your tax bracket.

However, Social Security and required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your retirement accounts begin to drive up your taxable income starting at age 70, meaning you actually have a higher taxable income in your later years of retirement.

While you may think that larger distributions from your traditional IRA may be the way to go, that strategy can actually drive up taxes as you move through higher tax brackets in retirement.

So, what’s the answer?



Sequential With Roth Conversion Strategy

One proposed tax efficient retirement strategy that we offer at Tactical Wealth Advisors is a sequential strategy with Roth conversions built in.

This allows you to smooth your taxes over the course of your retirement to ultimately save money — allowing you to build a tax-adjusted ending portfolio consisting of upwards of $1 million in some cases.

By using intelligent Roth conversions to fill up the tax bracket during the retirement years in which your income drops off and minimum distributions haven’t yet kicked in (between ages 67-70), you can smooth out your tax obligations and ultimately find yourself in a position to have less taxable income when your tax rates are higher.


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