1. Fixed Income Tips And Tricks

    As a forward-thinking individual, it’s likely that you’ve already explored annuities as a viable investment option to set you up for success in retirement. But do you really feel comfortable when it comes to understanding annuities and how they relate to your financial security in retirement? Wh…Read More

  2. Private Lending vs. Conventional Lending

    Are you a real estate investor, high net worth individual, or a financially savvy business person looking to maximize your tax efficiency with your properties? Then private lending solutions from Tactical Wealth Finance might be right for you. When it comes to investing, the core principals all revo…Read More

  3. Is The Stock Market Fixed?

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  4. Long-Term Investment Strategies For Long-Term Success

    It was Warren Buffett who once said, “If you aren’t willing to own a stock for 10 years, don’t even think about it for 10 minutes.” This quote is a testament to the long-term game that truly defines the principles of investing. It goes to show you that making any investment should always be …Read More

  5. What Are Asset-Based Loans?

    Are you in need of a large cash sum but are tired of dealing strictly with the bank’s strict terms? Does your personal investment or business require a loan, but also feature a delicate tax situation? Or, perhaps more simply, do you not want to have to put your credit at risk? There’s a solution…Read More

  6. The Benefit of Hindsight Investing

    Every investor has done it at some point or another. We’ve all played the “what if” game. “What if I’d seen the market top out and got out before it collapsed?” “What if I had invested in something different when I still had the chance?” What would your account look like right now if…Read More

  7. How To Beat Inflation In A Rising Interest Rate Environment

    Here’s something that’s going to come as a shocker: every investor wants to make the most money possible with their investments. Crazy, right? However, this drive actually pushes some investors away from making the right decisions when it comes to their portfolio. One of the concerns we hear fro…Read More

  8. The Cost Of Waiting

    What type of investor are you? Whether you’re new to the game or you’re a savvy veteran with an extensive portfolio, there’s one basic principle that we all look for with investments: high interest rates. In most cases, higher interest rates means higher returns. Seems like a pretty simple for…Read More

  9. Fixed Annuities Cheat Sheet: Pros, Cons, and Basics

    Investing is hard. Just take a quick look at the stock market today; while most of 2017 was promising, and the first month of 2018 showed potential growth as well, all of a sudden those markets came crashing down with a thud in early February. It just goes to show you how truly volatile, and therefo…Read More

  10. The Future Of Investing

    The history of investing is a vast and complicated matter. Way back in 1700 B.C., there were early laws implemented which paved the framework for investing in projects, land, and more — complete with punishments for anyone who broke their obligation as a debtor or creditor. Moving ahead to 1602, i…Read More