Every investor has done it at some point or another.

We’ve all played the “what if” game.

“What if I’d seen the market top out and got out before it collapsed?”

“What if I had invested in something different when I still had the chance?”

What would your account look like right now if you had made better decisions?

These questions have anguished many investors over the years — and they will likely continue to do so as the never-ending quest for the best high-return investment continues.

It’s easy to look back at what actually happened to see what decisions you could have made to be put in a better position now. This phenomenon, known as hindsight investing, is easy because all the variables that were unknown at the time have now come to light and revealed themselves, so you can examine exactly how things could have been different.

However, this hindsight investing doesn’t have to be purely hypothetical; by using what you now know about the market, you can leverage these revelations into better decisions and better high return investments today.

Keep reading to learn how the Fixed Income Fund can emerge as the ultimate solution to hindsight investing and contact us to get your free report today.

Benefit Of Hindsight Investing

Fixed Income vs. The Market

Why are fixed income products more preferable to investing in the volatile stock market? That’s simple: because fixed income is much safer, more reliable, and more consistent.

When we compared the performance of th S&P 500 market to the Fixed Income over the past 18-plus years, we were somewhat impressed by the results and figured that this hindsight revelation just might be able to serve as a lesson to future investors.

Fixed Income Graph

As you can see from the graph above, a hypothetical investment in the Fixed Income Fund around the year 2000 would have performed significantly better than an investment in the S&P 500 market.

It’s reasonable to assume that both Y2K and the tech bubble (around 2008), which show the most drastic dips in the market, had investors scrambling and looking into fixed income products. But how many made the move?

Those that didn’t were likely taken on a roller coaster ride — one with all the screams and none of the thrills. For example, an investment in the S&P market on Jan. 1, 2000 would have taken investors on a ride that saw their account dip to nearly 50 percent below value before slowly climbing back up.

That’s not what you want out of your high return investments.

On the flip side, an investment in the Fixed Income Fund at or around that same time would have seen your account steadily rise to as high as 184 percent — all without the pain and panic associated with the stock market.

Why is the Fixed Income Fund so highly revered? It’s safe. It’s secure. And it works.

Compounding Interest

Consider the Y2K bubble and tech bubbles, both of which inevitably burst and left investors feeling hindsight remorse. We’re looking at a similar potential bubble at the moment. While the S&P market is currently sitting at an an all-time high, it still might be wise to consider switching to a fixed income product.

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What you don’t want to do is look back 20 years from now and play the “what if” game once again. Now might be the time to revisit your investment strategy before it’s too late — while you can still protect yourself against the pain of another horrific roller coaster ride.

Among the many reasons why investors should consider a switch is that the Fixed Income Fund allows investors to capitalize on compounding interest.

We all know what the great Albert Einstein once said about compounding interest, right? He said that “compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world — he who understands it, earns it…he who doesn’t, pays it.”

In a nutshell, compounding interest accumulates over time as your investment matures — which is one of the biggest assets you have if you’re an investor looking to save for retirement in the distant future.

A compounding interest investment plan with the FIxed Income Fund can save you time, yield high returns, and protect against pain. In fact, our 30-year compounded interest investment yields returns of more than 426 percent — which is an average of 14.5 percent ROI each year.

No other option, particularly the S&P 500, can offer this type of return. Make the high return investment on which you can count. Contact Tactical Wealth to get your fixed income free report today.

Our investment offers the highest interest rates, an established contingency reserve to protect against risk, and no investment or transaction fees. Get started today.