Who Has The Highest Fixed Annuity Rates?

Besides being a smart, easy-to-understand investment that provides a stable, reliable income to our partners, the Tactical Wealth fixed income investment has one major advantage over other annuities and bonds. What is that advantage?

Simply put, our annuity rates are flat out better.

With the Fixed Income Fund, you get locked into fixed rates that are higher than those of other annuities and financial securities — even those that are highly rated and reputable across the industry. With higher interest rates, you get more advantageous and secure returns for the duration of your loan, especially when you choose a lifetime annuity option that can provide you financial stability through retirement. Whether you’re looking to make a two-year investment or a 10-year commitment, your fixed annuity rate will never change and will provide you with a reliable, consistent income at a pace that will actually make a difference.

While other fixed annuities and financial securities are tied to the fluctuating market interest rates, the Fixed Income Fund operates in a different, more efficient manner. By investing in the real estate market, our fixed income investment avoids the vulnerability and low rates often offered by others backed by insurance, the stock market, or other volatile markets.

Fixed Income Rates Comparison

The Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund has achieved an A+ investment rating, thanks in large part to its unmatched annuity rate offerings. Our stable investment strategy is proud to offer the following rates to our accredited investors looking for a low risk, high return contribution.

  • Three years at 2.42 percent
  • Five years at 3.37 percent
  • 10 years at 4.75 percent

Those rates are, in many cases, astronomically higher than those offered by other investment firms and their financial annuities. No other company can offer rates as high as four percent, let alone the 4.75 percent offered through a 10-year investment in the Fixed Income Fund. When compared to another A+ rated firm, for instance, our rates are nearly twice as high, affording you the opportunity to earn more money throughout the duration of your investment. For instance, Midland National, which also has an A+ rating, has rates of: Three years at 1.45 percent, five years at 2.4 percent, and 10 years at 2.85 percent. While that would provide some stability in terms of a long term investment, you would not be earning as much as you could have been with the real estate-backed Fixed Income Fund.

Interest rates from other firms look something like this:

  • Oxford Life, A- rating: Three years at 2 percent, five years at 2.6 percent, 10 years at 3.1 percent.
  • Athene, A rating: Three years at 1.4 percent, Five years at 2.45 percent, 10 years (N/A).
  • American General, A rating: Three years (N/A), Five years at 2.7 percent, 10 years at 2.8 percent.
  • Delaware Life, A- rating: Three years at 2 percent, Five years at 2.55 percent, 10 years at 3.15 percent.

A Better Investment

With the Fixed Income Fund, you get a better investment. When compared to annuities and bonds, the Fixed Income Fund offers higher interest rates, more stability and security, and a contingency reserve to protect you against non-performing loans.

Our high return investment option deposits cash directly into your bank account monthly, or you can choose to substantially increase your earnings by letting your interest payments compound month over month.

Our investors never have to miss out on a monthly payment, as they each contribute a small percentage of their contribution to our established contingency reserve, which helps protect the fund’s interest when it comes to legal fees, foreclosure proceedings, and even paying out dividends in the event of a non-performing loan.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard from investors who didn’t understand their annuities, whether it’s the confusing terms and conditions, unclear interest rates, or the hidden fees imposed upon them annually.

With the Fixed Income Fund, you get an investment that’s easy to understand, offers a stable monthly cash return, and imposes no investor fees, no management fees, and no transaction fees.

Our rates are better, our terms are better, and our investment is overall just better.

Learn more about the Fixed Income Fund and get your free report today.