Fund Structure Management

Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our fund was formed to serve as a vehicle for certain accredited investors looking to generate steady returns through a diverse portfolio of fixed income investments.

The Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund is designed to generate stable, reliable income by arranging residential and commercial loans to the general public, acquiring existing residential and commercial loans, and selling residential and commercial loans.

All of the loans acquired and sold are, or will be, secured by deeds of trust and mortgages on real estate throughout the United States.

An investment in the Fixed Income Fund comes with no strings attached. That is, no investor fees, no management fees, and no transaction fees.

While the Fixed Income Fund will typically only invest in first trust deeds, it may opportunistically invest in consumer loans, second trust deeds, commercial and residential loans, as well as construction loans, which offer a compelling risk/reward profile. The Fixed Income Fund may also opportunistically invest in some fixed income securities.

Refer to our frequently asked questions for more on the fund’s structure, and contact Tactical Wealth today.

Responsibility of the Manager

The manager of the Fixed Income Fund will handle and control the company’s affairs, and ultimately has responsibility and final authority in almost all matters affecting the business.

These duties include dealing with accounting, tax, and legal matters, communications and filings with regulatory agencies and all other needed management and operational duties.

The manager has complete authority and responsibility for the management affairs of the Fixed Income Fund, including, without limitation, the following:

  • Evaluating and choosing the fixed income investments in which we will invest.
  • Deciding what agreements we will enter into and whether we will enter into joint ventures with other companies to invest in fixed income investments.
  • Servicing and managing our investments.
  • Managing all other operations.


The Fixed Income Fund is managed by Mr. Dan Venegoni, a licensed Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and investment professional registered at SEC, FINRA, NFA, and NC State Securities Board with over 20 years of market experience.

His conservative approach to fixed income investing has led to the evolution of the Fixed Income Fund into what it is today.

His unique approach to the standardized fixed income market has garnered wide attention and has delivered stable results to those who need it most.

The attention to details like minimizing the time it takes between a borrower missing a payment and foreclosing on the collateral property are unique, and is a big reason why his money is invested in the Fixed Income Fund and why he owns a significant stake in its performance.