You’re driven. You’re passionate. You’re motivated.

A strong desire and ability to make sales courses through your veins.

But more importantly, your compassionate to people’s individual situations, and above everything else you simply want to help them navigate the murky waters of investments and help them achieve a level of peace of mind they never knew was possible.

If any of that describes you, then becoming an agent for the Fixed Income Fund might be a great career path for you. But there’s more to it than just selling high return annuities.

Joining the Tactical Wealth team entails hard work, dedication, and putting the safety and security of our clients’ money at the forefront.

Still think that describes you? If you’re interested in becoming an agent for the Fixed Income Fund, head here. If you’re still wanting to learn more about what the job means, or if you’re a prospective client looking to see the qualities that make our agents some of the best in the business, then keep on reading our blog to see how we operate, why we’re different from other financial annuity brokers, and how you can start helping clients across the country to earn a stable, reliable income throughout several years.

How We Operate

The Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund is not your typical investment. Its primary focus is purchasing and holding mortgage and trust deed loans which pay out a steady, fixed interest rate monthly, which then heads back to our clients in the form of a direct deposit dividend. To put it more simply, our product invests in real estate, capitalizing on mortgage interest rates, while the rates of annuities depend on the health of the stock market as well as the individual corporations to which their tied. Because these interest rates aren’t tied to the stock market, they are fixed and never fluctuate, and are in almost all cases set at a much higher rate than your typical annuity rates, bonds, or other fixed income products. Learn more about how our interest rates compare to annuities here.

The reason we are able to offer these unbeatable interest rates is simple: We only target holdings with a higher value than we pay out to our investors. By doing this, and by concentrating in markets with advantageous foreclosure laws, we are also able to offer a high return investment product that comes with no investor fees, no transaction fees, and most importantly no management fees. This allows our clients to see much more on their returns than they would from a typical fixed annuity, because the exorbitant fees won’t be eating into their investment. Our investment is easy to understand, which makes it easy for the agent to convey the terms and conditions to our clients, and because of this our client renewal rate has risen to upwards of 86 percent (compared to just 32 percent for annuity brokers). That’s why we can pride ourselves on being the premier investment for providing a steady, stable income that can be counted upon every month. To learn more about how the Fixed Income Fund operates, head here.

How We Differ

Annuity brokerage firms may try to sway you by saying they have better benefits, but that just simply isn’t true. Here at Tactical Wealth, we take care of our agents just as well as we take care of our investors. Our company is proud to offer a compensation plan that we feel should be the industry standard, though it likely never will because other companies simply can’t offer what we can. By becoming a Fixed Income Fund agent, you can earn annual compensation that is upwards of two times higher than by selling annuities. We do this by taking into account your total career production, rolling over as much as one percent of credit for every period in which you make a sale. That allows our agents to generate more reliable, consistent income monthly (sound familiar?), along with a significantly more lucrative commission opportunity, than offered by selling annuities. For example, if you’re an agent who is 36 years old, you earn the ability to work and make sales until you’re 56, at which point you can enter the “coast” period and live off your recurring revenue stream until your retirement at 65.

We Want You

That’s right, Tactical Wealth is constantly seeking motivated, passionate, and competent agents to add to our team and help our clients generate a steady form of income of their own.

By becoming an agent for the Fixed Income Fund, you can think bigger and earn a recurring revenue, rather than hunting for (and sometimes failing to nab) that one big sale to help recoup after your compensation resets.

Another benefit of joining the Tactical Wealth team is our built-in business buyout, which comes in handy when the time comes for you to retire. At that time, you will receive a notable final payment, which results in you selling your entire book of business and giving you a chunk of change that you can then invest yourself, if you choose.

We have two variations of our standard compensation plan, one of which can also include a higher upfront payout in exchange for less recurring payouts, if that’s the route you choose to take. Either way, helping our clients earn a reliable income while you earn one of your own is much more rewarding than selling other fixed annuities.

If you’ve been looking for a lucrative opportunity to add to your business, then becoming an agent for the Fixed Income Fund just might be right for you. Contact us today or head over to our agents page to learn more.