Quick pop quiz: What do all high return investments have in common?

The answer: Higher interest rates.

Higher interest rates are advantageous for a myriad of reasons, the most simple and logical one being that higher rates will earn you a whole lot more money over time.

With the Fixed Income Fund, our strategic investment strategy offers the highest interest rates possible.

We boldly go where no other investment firm, fixed annuity or financial securities company can go.

How do we do it? Well, we invest in real estate, purchasing mortgage and trust deed loans in advantageous markets, backed by single family residences, and with beneficial and speedy foreclosure proceedings to protect against bubbles, market risk, and non-performing loans.

We know, that sounds complicated.

To make it simpler, all you need to understand is this: We pool your investment into the Fixed Income Fund along with the investments of our other partners, and then we buy mortgages in historically stable markets (such as Texas). Then, because people have to pay their mortgage each month (or risk foreclosure, for which we are also prepared thanks to our contingency reserve), those mortgages pay interest that is higher than the rates tied to the stock market. Our investors then receive their payouts in the form of those interest payments, deposited straight into their bank account. By the way, you can count on there being zero fees associated with those payments. No transaction fees, no investor fees, and no management fees. That means you get a steady, reliable, and consistent income at a rate that will actually make a difference to you.

So now that you know how we get higher interest rates, let’s take a look at how they compare to those offered by other companies, and what those higher interest rates can mean for your financial security throughout the duration of your investment.

Our Fixed Income Vs. Annuity Rates

When you’re making an investment, particularly a long-term investment, we understand that you’re seeking low-risk, high-return stakes. That’s why we developed our innovative strategic investment approach, which affords us the opportunity to offer higher interest rates than those offered by other companies.

Tactical Wealth has received an A+ rating as an investment company, thanks in large part to the unmatched interest rates we are able to offer with our Fixed Income product. Simply put, our interest rates are better than any other option you will find, whether you’re looking for steady revenue in the short term or you want to take a more long-term approach. Starting at three years, the Fixed Income Fund offers interest rates that are significantly higher than other accredited investment companies, even those that are at or near our A+ rating. Here’s where our rates begin, as of August 2017:

  • Three years at 2.42 percent
  • Five years at 3.37 percent
  • 10 years at 4.75 percent

You won’t find rates that high with other investment firms or financial annuities. In fact, no other company can even offer rates as high as four percent, let alone the 4.75 percent you can receive with a 10-year investment in the Fixed Income Fund.

Take Midland National, for example. Midland National is another A+ rated firm which offers fixed index annuities, traditional fixed annuities, and immediate annuities. Those products provide guaranteed income streams, tax-deferred earnings, and in most cases guaranteed interest rates.

However, because their products are based in insurance, and therefore backed by and tied to the issuing insurance company, their interest rates are tied to those of the stock market index.

Their rates, then, for investments with the same maturity length as those listed above, are offered at nearly half the rates of those provided by the Fixed Income Fund from Tactical Wealth.

The rates from Midland National, which also has an A+ rating, are as follows: Three years at 1.45 percent, five years at 2.4 percent, and 10 years at 2.85 percent.

While those rates would indeed provide a stream of reliable income, the returns would be significantly lower, especially when compounded or locked into a long-term investment, than those offered by our strategic investment at Tactical Wealth.

Meanwhile, the interest rates offered by other firms who sell many types of fixed annuities look something like this:

  • Oxford Life, A- rating: Three years at 2 percent, five years at 2.6 percent, 10 years at 3.1 percent.
  • Athene, A rating: Three years at 1.4 percent, Five years at 2.45 percent, 10 years (N/A).
  • American General, A rating: Three years (N/A), Five years at 2.7 percent, 10 years at 2.8 percent.
  • Delaware Life, A- rating: Three years at 2 percent, Five years at 2.55 percent, 10 years at 3.15 percent.

At those rates, you can’t afford not to choose the Fixed Income Fund. Whether you’re planning for retirement, looking to compound your wealth, or need an efficient, safe way to supplement your income, our higher interest rates provide you with a real opportunity to generate a stable stream of revenue.

Get Financial Security With High Interest Rates

An investment in the Fixed Income Fund requires a $50,000 minimum. However, you are allowed to invest any amount above that minimum per note, which is certainly a good way to go if you’re looking to take advantage of our high, unparalleled fixed interest rates.

But what do higher interest rates mean for you?

Well, with such a high investment requirement, you’ll be getting a reliable stream of income which can actually make a difference – particularly if you’re searching for peace of mind during retirement.

A 10-year note at 4.75 percent, for example, is nearly 2.5 times higher than the U.S. treasury rates for that same duration. That means your returns will be more practical to be used as a supplement for lost income after you retire, helping you to enjoy a better quality of life without having to navigate the stress of working at an older age.

Don’t have $50,000 to invest right away? Use your savings that you’ve build up in an IRA or 401K account to make an investment in the Fixed Income Fund. Our rates are much higher than you’d receive if you simply kept your money in those holdings, allowing you to earn more money over the same amount of time.

Want an even longer investment that will last you through the course of your life, or even beyond? Our rates extend to 5.75 percent for a 30-year note, providing an unmatched rate of return for your investment. Even if you were to pass away before your investment reached maturity, we will continue to make your payments, as well as a final principal payment, to your family or beneficiary upon it reaching its maturity.

And don’t worry about risk. Our fund is backed by an established contingency reserve, pooled investments, and strategic holdings. Learn more about how we make risk averse investments here.

Sound hard to believe? Well, believe it. Because it’s real. It’s simple. And it’s here.

Get peace of mind with a high return investment that you won’t find anywhere else. Contact Tactical Wealth today to learn more about the Fixed Income Fund.