Most of our investors have compared us to other products in the fixed income world including annuities, bonds and bank CD’s. So we made it easy to quickly measure our Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund (TWFIF) to their products.

One common scenario we see is when annuities offer 8-9% distribution rates, which sounds higher than our rates. Unfortunately, its just a misunderstanding of the annuity rate. A “Distribution Rate” allows you to access up to that 8-9% of the annuity value as a distribution. The problem comes in when the annuities don’t earn 8-9% and the distributions have to eat into your account value principal. That means your account value goes down and your future earnings go down since its based on your account value.

Our fund is simple and straightforward. You earn income at the quoted rate and you can take distributions immediately. The distributions do not come out of your principal value so you get the full investment amount back at maturity.