We all want to experience peace of mind when it comes to money.

Financial struggles happen to most of us, if not all of us, at some point in our lives.

Whether it’s unemployment, a bad investment, credit card debt, a student loan, or an unforeseen emergency expense, money (or lack thereof) can lead to the burden of stress, worry, and other unhealthy side effects.

So how do we achieve that peace of mind?

The Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund is one way that we aim to achieve that for our clients.

But more on that later.

First, here are a few other suggestions to help you achieve peace of mind even before deciding on the right investment.

Evaluate Your Lifestyle

Are you living above your means?

This is the first question you should ask yourself in order to take the first steps towards achieving peace of mind.

If the answer is yes, you may want to reevaluate some things and create a strict budget that you and your family should stick to. Simplify your lifestyle and make sure all of your expenses and needs are covered before you set aside money for wants.

Set Goals

Setting and sticking to financial goals can be a great way towards achieving peace of mind when it comes to your finances.

Whether you want to save $10, $100 or $1,000 a month, make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to achieve that.

Put your money away in a 401K or IRA account to ensure you won’t spend it unnecessarily. This will help you plan for your future and achieve financial bliss later in your life when you need it the most.

Invest Wisely

Now we’re getting to the good part.

The thesis of this blog post is how to achieve peace of mind with your investment, after all.

Well, if you’re searching for that peace of mind with an annuity investment that will generate stable, consistent income that you can count on each month, look no further.

No longer will you have to stress or angst about where your money is going, if it will be lost, or if your return will be worth the exorbitant fees you’re paying to invest.

With the Fixed Income Fund, you get an investment that’s backed in real estate, meaning all you really need to understand is a simple mortgage.

We target and acquire mortgage and trust deed loans in historically stable markets, each with a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 70 percent, and diversify our holdings by property type, maturity, and borrower type to minimize risk.

Your investment in the Fixed Income Fund acts much like an annuity in that it pays you monthly returns at a fixed rate. However, the difference with our Fixed Income Fund is that your rate will never change, and there are no investor fees, management fees, or transaction fees to haggle over.

Just choose your loan maturity length, and sit back and watch the cash roll in.

With the Fixed Income Fund, it’s that simple. Now that’s peace of mind.

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