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This news just might come as a shock to many would-be, first-time investors who are looking to make the right decision for their financial future.

Are you ready for this bombshell? Because here it comes.

The stock market is fixed.

Let’s go live to Wall Street for the reaction.


That’s about what we thought. You heard it here first, folks. The stock market is fixed. It’s rigged. It’s designed to line the pockets of the ultra wealthy as well as those on the inside.

How is your average, hard-working American ever supposed to break through with their investments? The volatility and the general structure of the markets means that it’s nearly impossible for an investor to get a fair shake at making money in the short-term, while making it downright risky to hedge as a long-term bet.

While the stock market isn’t technically rigged, there are a few advantages that certain investors, corporations, and even lawmakers have that the average everyday person does not. Whether it’s access to information, political influence, or simply access to a huge chunk of capital, there are just certain types who have it easier when playing the stock market game.

It’s like playing a game of poker against someone who always knows what the next card is going to be. The deck is stacked!

So where does that leave the everyday investor who is just trying to better themselves for their retirement? It can certainly make it difficult.

But when you move your money into something more secure, more durable, and more lucrative, you can easily even the odds while also getting the peace of mind you deserve with your investment. Consider the Fixed Income Fund as a viable alternative to the risky, sometimes even unfair stock market.

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Less Risk

Not only is the stock market a difficult space to break through, it’s also extremely risky and volatile. Just look at the past two major market crashes over the last 25 years or so.

Just earlier this year, stock markets were soaring to all-time highs, leaving investors feeling happy and secure with their investments. But in a matter of months, those markets plummeted once again, leaving investors scrambling for an alternative.

The Fixed Income Fund is that alternative. See our blog on why it’s time to move your money to a fixed income product to learn more on this topic.

The Right Kind Of Fixed

While we noted that the stock market is fixed in a way that is wrong for certain investors, it’s important that we note that there is, in fact, a right kind of fixed.

With the Fixed Income Fund, for example, your investment accrues gains and pays out returns at fixed intervals, with fixed interest rates that are notably higher than annuities, bonds, and even stocks.

Our investment provides the safety and security you deserve along with the stable, reliable monthly income you need.

Whether you’re new to the world of investing or you’re an aggressive, experienced investor looking for risk mitigation, the Fixed Income Fund is the way to go.

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