The new year is coming up quick.

As hard as it may be to believe, another trip around the sun is just about complete. With it, you should make another trip to your books to view your current investment strategies and adjust accordingly before 2018.

Believe it or not, there is still time to save money, and in some cases even make money, in 2017. If nothing else, you could at least set yourself up for more financial security and higher returns in 2018.

The year’s end is the perfect time to review the performance of your investments and develop a strategy for the next year. Everyone’s short- and long-term goals with regard to their investments are to maximize income, but the primary focus should always be on maximizing after-tax income specifically.

After all, high return investments — like the Fixed Income Fund — are no good if you just end up paying it back to Uncle Sam post-taxes.

With that being said, here are some things to consider when reviewing your investment strategies before the new year rolls around.

Take Advantage Of New Laws

Your investments could be affected by new tax laws, or even older ones that you may not fully understand, once the new year rolls around.

Often times, December is a good time to make changes which will allow you to capitalize on tax saving opportunities for the current tax year, while also positioning yourself to take full advantage of those new laws coming down the pipeline once the calendar turns. Believe it or not, there are still several last-minute moves you can make late in December which can provide for immediate tax savings in the current year.

At Tactical Wealth, we have multiple certified public accountants (CPAs) on hand who can help provide innovative, lesser-known tax strategies which can ultimately help you keep more of what you earn. That not only includes the income you are pulling in through your job, but also the money that is rolling in through your Fixed Income Fund and other investments.

Our CPAs will take a look at your situation during a no obligation tax review, and then they will offer recommendations for your specific situation and objectives.

The CPAs at Tactical Wealth work independently from our Fixed Income Fund and can provide top-notch tax services even if you don’t invest with us. Learn more about the tax services we offer by contacting Tactical Wealth today.

Apply A Grade

Another way to review and ultimately improve the performance of your investments is to apply a grade to each one.

Did your stocks earn a passing grade, or would you be better served investing that money elsewhere? How much longer before you can start receiving income from your annuities? Did you make the maximum contribution to your retirement accounts?

These are all things to consider when determining your strategy for the upcoming year.

Evaluate The Portfolio

The end of the year is the perfect time to take a look at not only how well your assets are performing, but also where they are performing.

If you have too many eggs in the same basket, for example, you could be doing yourself a disservice by increasing the amount of risk to which you are subjected.

Take the time to make careful evaluations and diversify your portfolio, if necessary.

Consider The Future

While the most pressing matter right now might be the year 2018, and how your money will look over the course of the next year, it’s also important to think mightily about the future.

How are you going to get your money to grow in the ways that you want it to? How are you going to achieve financial security?

The Fixed Income Fund can help when assessing your future investment plans. Our strategic high return investment provides you with peace of mind and a stable, consistent income. Better yet, the rates are the highest around, the terms are flexible, and there are no investor fees or management fees to eat away at your returns.

Whether you’re looking to get a boost in your retirement savings, or you’re ready to commit to a lifetime annuity, the Fixed Income Fund can cater to your needs.

Contact Tactical Wealth today to learn more about the Fixed Income Fund, or to consult with our CPAs regarding your tax strategy for the upcoming year.