Investing can be complicated.
The amount of effort and knowledge it takes to build a diverse portfolio with steady and significant returns might be more than you’re willing to put in at this stage in your life.
But it doesn’t have to be that difficult.
Introducing the Fixed Income Fund from Tactical Wealth, the innovative leading investment strategy on the market.
The Fixed Income Fund takes the safety of your (the investor) income and principal in mind in order to generate consistent and stable income.
That may sound like an everyday investment in a bond or financial annuity.
But, it’s actually much more than that.
Unlike a bond or annuity investment, the Fixed Income Fund is able to generate a steady, fixed principal value which doesn’t fluctuate even if interest rates rise.
Your account value will remain steady, or even increase should you choose to reinvest your monthly returns.
How is this possible? Let us explain.

The Fixed Income Fund Difference

Typical fixed income securities, like bonds, lend your money or capital in exchange for interest from federal governments, local municipalities, and major corporations.
Not the Fixed Income Fund.
Instead, we are able to generate consistent and stable income by issuing or purchasing mortgage and trust deed loans under the guidelines of strict underwriting criteria, each with a maximum market Loan-to-Value ratio of 70 percent.
This gives you, the investor, a buffer against a loss of up to 30 percent.
But, don’t worry about risks.
The Fixed Income Fund mitigates and manages risk utilizing a number of innovative investment strategies and techniques.

Those include:

  • Pooled Investments: The Fixed Income Fund holds many loans, diversifying the risk of single loan defaults by diversifying its holdings by property type and location based on market risk, maturities to address interest rate risk, and borrower type to address payer class risk.
  • Targeted Investments: The Fixed Income Fund aims for real estate loans that are backed by single family residences with value standards that meet the average for the area. This mitigates risk by ensuring we are hitting the largest market area with the most potential home or loan buyers should we need to recover capital. We also aim our holdings in the most favorable foreclosure markets, such as Texas, in order to recover and re-allocate capital quickly when necessary.
  • Contingency Reserve: As a stipulation of the Fixed Income Fund, we have established a contingency reserve to cover the investors’ consistent monthly payments in the event of a loan default or additional legal expenses to aid our interests in the event of non-performing loans (i.e. foreclosure proceedings).

Can’t I Invest In Real Estate On My Own?

You may be asking this question at this point, but again, the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund is different.
With the Fixed Income Fund, you can get a risk averse investment and receive reliable income which is greater than you’d see otherwise with an investment in bonds, annuities, or even real estate.
We eliminate the hassle of you having to deal with rental property tenants, or the stressful process of applying for bank loan funding for an investment property.
The Fixed Income Fund provides you with investment diversification at a low risk, with no investor fees or interest rate fluctuation.
That’s what we call stable, consistent income. That’s what we call peace of mind and full transparency.
That’s what we call the Fixed Income Fund. Call Tactical Wealth today to see if our investment is right for you.