When it comes to being a sales agent for investments — whether you’re selling annuities, bonds, stocks, or preferably as an agent for the Fixed Income Fund — you need to have a certain set of skills, patience, and compassion.

Selling isn’t easy, but there are a whole lot of different tricks and tips that might work to help you increase your commission, revenue stream, and overall success.

However, the same tips that might work for one salesperson might not work for another, so finding the delicate balance and proper combination is really the key here.

Before we dive into some of the most common tips for selling annuity investments, let’s first start off by addressing the biggest elephant in the room: You need to make sure you’re selling the right product. While becoming an annuity broker may seem like the right career move at first, and it may work fine for awhile, you need to know that there are a plethora of different options out there which may offer greater benefits and thus a more rewarding career.

Take the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund, for example. When you’re an agent for the Fixed Income Fund, you can choose from one of two compensation packages, each of which has their own distinct benefits. Our standard plan allows you to earn a greater stream of residual revenue throughout the cycle of your sales career, with a certain percent of your recurring revenue that doesn’t expire with each quarter or cycle. Our second option allows you to take a greater chunk of a sale up front in exchange for lower recurring revenue, which is beneficial for those who crave the bigger payday upon completion of a healthy sale.

Either way, becoming an agent for the Fixed Income Fund holds many advantages over being a typical annuity broker, though the skills for each position are generally universal.

That’s why we compiled this list of tips, tricks, and guidelines for what makes a great annuity salesman.

Here are but a few.

Qualities Of A Good Salesperson

In general, a good salesperson should possess some universal traits that make them good at their jobs and easy to work with. Among these traits, you might find drive, passion, discipline, and more. If any (or preferably, all) of the following traits apply to you, you should certainly consider selling investments for the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund.

  • Organization: Being a scatterbrain is not conducive for sales. The best sales agents are usually highly organized, love what they do, and have their own method for efficiency. Being aware and conscientious of your process, as well as your workspace and presentation, will only help you thrive in a sales role.
  • Initiative: As a commission-based enterprise, working to sell things like annuities, funds, or other investments requires a certain amount of self-discipline and initiative. Nobody is going to make you follow up on leads, close, or even head into work. It takes a high level of discipline, desire, and drive in order to make it as a successful salesperson, which in turn will help your company and the clients it serves.
  • Perseverance: Of course, this is a big one. Many times as a salesperson, you’ll have a lead that seems hesitant or flat out refuses to hear your pitch. Planting the seed of success into their mind and helping them understand why this investment is beneficial is the first step, and having the patience and perseverance to follow-up and do whatever necessary to close the deal are the other keys. Not every lead is going to close, but it’s maintaining your ability to be pushy, in a polite and effective way that the client is responsive to, that will likely earn a positive sale.
  • Positivity: Piggybacking off of the perseverance tip, salespeople need to be positive, warm, and receptive to other ideas. Long gone are the days of tough love when it comes to making a sale. If you’re genuine, nice, and radiate overall positivity, clients will be less likely to hang up on you mid-sentence.
  • Product Knowledge: Of course, in order to be a good salesperson, you have to know exactly what it is you’re selling. Know the ins-and-outs of the annuity or investment you’re selling, and tell your client exactly how they will benefit from working with you. With an investment like the Fixed Income Fund, explaining the key differences between our product and other annuities can make all of the difference. For many, we’ve found that our real-estate based Fixed Income Fund is easier to understand and navigate, which in turn will make potential investors feel more comfortable and safe. By examining each client situation on a case-by-case basis, you will gain their trust and display your ability to convey information in a way that makes sense, whether they’re a seasoned investor or here to make their first deposit.
  • Confidence: Have a bit of swagger in your presentation. Show the clients you’re not the least bit worried about taking on a new account. Having confidence will go a long way toward making their money feel safe, and will help you to close deals and aid in the perseverance that we touched upon earlier. Be confident in what you do, and don’t let opportunity ever pass you by.
  • Willingness To Learn: While confidence, and even maybe a hint of arrogance, are key to making sales, the good agents are always trying to learn more. Talk to your colleagues, peers, and advisors about different sales strategies and tactics, and develop a full on passion for learning how to perfect your craft. In sales, and life in general, the openness to never stop learning will almost always pay off.

How To Sell Fixed Annuities

In a way, the Fixed Income Fund acts just like a fixed annuity does, in that it provides a stable stream of income at a rate that never changes. However, it differs in that it is backed by real estate, pooled investments, and other factors that make it a safer, more reliable investment. Still, selling any type of annuity can be a tough business. That’s why it requires the tough, motivated, and passionate.

But the truth of the matter is, if you’re knowledgeable about the product you’re selling, that knowledge will help with the sale. The biggest roadblock for many potential investors are the confusing terms and fees associated with typical fixed annuities. At Tactical Wealth, we eliminate all of that by offering a simple solution to investing with no investor fees, no transaction fees, and no management fees.

Learn more about what our high return investment offers, and contact us today to learn more about the benefits of becoming an agent for the Fixed Income Fund.