Are you in need of a large cash sum but are tired of dealing strictly with the bank’s strict terms?

Does your personal investment or business require a loan, but also feature a delicate tax situation?

Or, perhaps more simply, do you not want to have to put your credit at risk?

There’s a solution for all of these scenarios known as an asset-based loan, and it might be the best option for you.

But what does asset-based lending mean, exactly?

In this blog, we’ll be covering a few of the key benefits of asset-based loans, as well as inform you about a few of our viable private lending options here at Tactical Wealth.

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Asset-Based Lending Basics

Asset-based loans are pretty much exactly what they sound like. In the simplest terms, these are loans in which you put up assets as collateral to ensure repayment.

This method differs from the traditional loan approach in the sense that you are not being given a loan on credit. Therefore, with asset-based loans, you can save big on interest payments, lower your down payment requirements, optimize your tax structure, and ultimately maximize your net worth.

Asset-based loans are great for those looking to build wealth and equity by purchasing property, for individuals of already high wealth who are looking for maximum tax savings, or for property investors looking to get more out of their holdings.

One significant advantage of private lending with Tactical Wealth is that we are not limited to the strict underwriting requirements of banks and financial institutions. Instead of selling the loans after closing, we keep the loans we offer on our books — so you know where your money came from and where your payments are going.

This also allows us to structure terms based on our own set of guidelines, many of which are advantageous and tailor-made for you, the borrower.

Now that you know a bit more about asset-based loans, let’s take a look at a few examples that we offer here at Tactical Wealth Finance Solutions.

From building equity in property to saving big on taxes, our high-net worth lending solutions give you the ability to earn more with a lower interest rate, more advantageous loan-to-value ratio, and a simple repayment structure.

Contact Tactical Wealth today to see how an investment in the Fixed Income Fund can help you save even more when bundled with our asset-based loans.

Asset-Based Loans For Real Estate

At Tactical Wealth Finance Solutions, we offer a number of asset-based lending options which may be substantially greater than traditional loans or even hard-money loans for real estate investors.

This is particularly true when you need access to a loan quickly, such as when a deal pops up that is simply too good to pass on.

With our Investors Program, you get the ability to build your net worth while making the property investments that make the most sense for your business.

Our program allows you to have two assets on the books — your property as well as an investment — with just one loan liability.

This means you have the ability to maximize your cash flow with interest-only payments, fund multiple properties at once, and even get built-in project extension and loan modification terms.

Or, if you’re looking to maximize your ability to build equity within your own property, consider our Wealth Builders program.

With this method, you get locked into an innovative bi-weekly payment schedule for your short-term property loan, allowing you to save big on interest costs throughout the year.

Not to mention, you can improve upon the interest rate you get from the start when you opt in to moving your investment assets over to the Fixed Income Fund.

With additional rate buydown options, payment credits, life insurance, and friend/family assistance built right into the terms of the loan, our Wealth Builders program is ideal for just about anyone.

Choose Wealth

When it comes to building wealth and securing financing without the risk, it’s apparent that asset-based loans are the way to go.

Learn more about our Tactical Wealth private lending options and see how you can get started today.