Whether you’re new to the investment game or you’re simply looking to build wealth ahead of retirement, the Fixed Income Fund from Tactical Wealth might be right for you.

Our innovative investment strategy generates stable, consistent income monthly through the highest growth rates possible, simply by purchasing mortgage and trust deed loans across the country.

This type of fixed income investment is advantageous to many people and for many reasons. Namely, the fixed income fund has higher interest rates than other annuities, bonds, and fixed securities. We’re not just talking about fractions of a percentage, either.

The Fixed Income Fund typically has rates that are almost two times higher than other annuities, allowing for a much higher return on investment over the same amount of time without the risk, high management fees, and other hassles.

In fact, the Fixed Income Fund has many advantages over annuities. For instance:

  • The terms are flexible and can even provide stable income for life.
  • Our investment is simple to understand and customized for your goals.
  • The assets are backed by real value (real estate) and always exceed liability.
  • There’s an established contingency reserve for risk mitigation.
  • There are no investor fees, transaction fees, or management fees — ever!

So are you interested in lifetime income from a sound, secure, and stable investment? Then all you need to do is contact Tactical Wealth to get started.

The Investment Process

The Fixed Income Fund investment process couldn’t be easier. In just nine simple steps, you can take a gigantic leap toward financial security and lifetime income. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Talk to us

During your initial consultation, one of our reps will speak with you, not to you, in order to gain a better understanding of your objectives, income needs, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, and more.

Our reps are not out here seeking the largest commission possible, like many stock brokers and agents are. Instead, we are looking to set you up with an investment that you understand at a level that you feel comfortable with.

Step 2: Meet the Fixed Income Fund

Next, you’ll learn how our fund can achieve those objectives, as well as how it compares to other fixed income products, like bonds and annuities. To help you better understand the pros and cons of our Fixed Income Fund vs. annuities, you can also visit our site.

Step 3: Evaluate your assets

Our rep will then evaluate your existing assets, including your most recent tax returns, in order to develop strategic recommendations to meet your needs in a tax-efficient manner. After all, it doesn’t matter if we pay out the highest interest rates possible if you end up paying them all back to Uncle Sam.

We have created innovative tactical strategies — hence, the name Tactical Wealth — in order to optimize your tax efficiencies. Just give us a call if you’re interested in learning more about this aspect of the FIF.

Step 4: Calculate

Then, our reps will begin calculating and illustrating several combinations of terms and options in order to help you make an informed decision on an investment maturity and income payments that are right for you.

Whether you are looking for lifetime income or a short-term investment, we can customize our report to tailor to your needs. Our graphs will show you the amount of money you can earn over time should you choose to compound your monthly returns, as well as how much interest you will earn over the course of your note.

Step 5: Choose Your Terms

After evaluating your options, you will choose the investment terms from our available options that best fit your goals and needs.

Some of the current term options we have available include:

  • Two year note at 1.66 percent
  • Three-year note at 2.42 percent
  • Five-year note at 3.37 percent
  • Seven-year note at 3.85 percent
  • 10-year note at 4.75 percent
  • 20-year note at 5.27 percent
  • 30-year note at 5.75 percent

Each of these investments is guaranteed to remain at the same fixed rate throughout maturation of your note, which allows for a significantly higher ROI than with other fixed or variable annuities. Learn how our fixed rates compare to annuities here.

And remember, you can also choose to reinvest your monthly distributions in order to significantly compound your returns.

Step 6: Sign on the line

From here on, it only gets easier. You’ll finish the process by completing the proper paperwork, whether on actual paper or digitally, in order to initiate your investment in the Fixed Income Fund.

Step 7: Make Your Principal

As soon as you make your initial deposit, either by check or wire transfer, your account will begin to generate interest. It’s that simple!

While $50,000 is the minimum per note principal, you can also choose to invest any amount above the $50,000 minimum.

Step 8: Watch It Grow

Your monthly interest payments are deposited directly into the bank account of your choice, via ACH. You can even opt into receiving a text notice when your deposit occurs so you know exactly when and how much your deposits are rolling in.

Step 9: Stay In The Know

From here on out, you’ll receive access to your real-time account information and statements through our investment app and web system.

Our client portal is simple to navigate and includes all of the relevant information with regard to your particular investment.

Get Your Free Report

Making a life-changing investment has never been easier. All it takes is a quick call to Tactical Wealth to find out how we can create a fixed income strategy that works for you.

With flexible terms, a simple to understand structure, and no fees, you’ll immediately see why the Fixed Income Fund is better than annuities, stocks, and bonds.

Whether you are an aggressive investor looking to offset losses during a down market, you are a recent retiree who doesn’t want to dip into your savings, or you are a young professional looking to generate wealth for the future, our fixed income product can help.

Get the answers you seek with an investment you deserve. Contact Tactical Wealth today.