Be aggressive.

It’s what they tell you in sports. That’s what you hear when pursuing a job. And it’s also a phrase that gets thrown around when it comes to investing.

Are you an experienced, savvy investor with years in the world of stocks and bonds, bulls and bears? Then this next tip is for you.

Sometimes, being aggressive can be dangerous. That’s where a fixed income asset comes in handy.

If you happen to be one of those investors who has hedged their portfolio on big gains through high risk, high-return investments, you need a safety blanket in case things go wrong — because chances are, at some point, things will go wrong.

Sure, the stock markets are sitting at all-time highs right now — but we’ve all seen this movie before. Eventually, those stocks are going to dip, or possibly even plummet, and those aggressive investments could go in the tank and bring your life’s savings along for the ride.

Keep reading to learn why the Fixed Income Fund is the best fixed income asset for investors with an aggressive portfolio, how you can benefit from the best fixed interest rates, and how it works with no fees and minimal risk. Contact Tactical Wealth today to get started with your free investor report.

Stabilized Performance

One key benefit of implementing a fixed income asset into your portfolio is that an allocation to a Fixed Income Fund will help stabilize the volatile performance of aggressive growth portfolios.

While those high-risk, high-return securities are moving all over the spectrum with peaks and valleys, your fixed income asset will be there all the while generating a consistent, stable stream of income.

One concern we often hear from investors with regard to this strategy is, “Doesn’t that dilute my upside?” And sure, your upside may be a more limited — albeit very slightly — than it was before, but that’s taking the wrong approach to this strategy.

Instead of considering your slightly diluted upside performance, instead consider that a fixed income fund is best at offsetting those declining values during bear markets. That essentially means an investor can hold those aggressive positions even through periods of low performance and not even realize the loss.

A Fixed Income Fund allocation provides the cash flow needed to continue investing and operating while buying time for aggressive positions to come back and recover to their potential performance levels.

Risk Mitigation

How can you trust the Fixed Income Fund to provide that stability when working in conjunction with more aggressive investments?

It’s simple. You can count on the Fixed Income Fund because it is backed by real estate assets, all of which hold real value and aren’t nearly as volatile or unpredictable as stock markets.

Not to mention, at Tactical Wealth we have an established contingency reserve, utilize pooled investments, and operate with a number of other risk mitigation strategies to ensure that our investors never have to miss out on even one cent of their expected return every month.

No matter what the market climate looks like, savvy and aggressive investors can always count on their stable, consistent income from the Fixed Income Fund. Learn more about this innovative investment strategy and contact Tactical Wealth today to get your free report.