Perhaps you’ve recently retired.

Or, perhaps you’ve recently paid off your credit card debt, mortgage, or student loans.

Maybe you’re even looking for different ways to do that.

Whatever the case may be, you’ve decided that investing your money is the right option for you at this time.

That can be a wise choice, no matter what juncture you’re at in life.

But still, there are so many options out there. You may find yourself wondering, “How do I invest my money?”

You obviously want to go with a risk-averse, high return investment that operates with you in mind.

But what are some other factors to consider?

Here are some tips, brought to you by the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund:

Look For Fixed Income

One of the most important characteristics of your new investment should be the income it provides.

With the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund, you can receive steady, reliable income monthly.

Better yet, it gets deposited into your bank account directly, with no paper checks that get lost in the mail, no investor fees, no processing fees, and no management fees.

How great is that?

Our innovative Fixed Income Fund is just one option, but we think it is among the best options. We focus on buying and offering mortgage and trust deed loans that meet our stringent requirements in areas with advantageous foreclosure laws and historically stable values.

Making a fixed income investment gives you peace of mind and an income that you can count on. This can help you maintain or even improve your quality of life, habits and hobbies, and pay off debt.

With the Fixed Income Fund, you know your rate will never change (hence, the fixed part of the equation), even as interest rates fluctuate. You can lock in your investment for a period as short as two years or as long as 30 years. With this type of investment, the choice is yours.

Review Your Goals

When making an investment, you should always consider what you want the end result to be.

Are you looking for immediate liquidity, or a more long-term approach.

Are you willing to take risks with your money (not recommended), or are you looking for a more safe, stable investment backed by a contingency reserve?

If it’s the latter, then a Fixed Income Fund may again be right for you.

Diversify Your Portfolio

This is one of the most basic and common rules to investing. A diversified investment portfolio further mitigates your risk while maximizing your return in many cases. Spreading your money across a variety of holdings can help you achieve a steady income.

The Fixed Income Fund diversifies your portfolio while also minimizes risk by focusing on holdings with different characteristics, such as property type and location (to address market risk), maturities (to address interest rate risk), and borrower type (to address payor class risk).

Consider Tax Impacts

Investing can considerably impact your tax payments or class.

You may choose to invest pre-tax money, such as investing in an IRA, 401K, or other such retirement account. With these vehicles, you’ll save on paying taxes now but may have to pay later when you withdraw your money.

However, with the Fixed Income Fund, you can invest directly through your IRA SEP, 401K or other qualified account, helping you to earn even more on your pre-tax income for later use.

When using this option, the tax you pay is based on your IRA account distributions, rather than the interest you received through your fixed income investment.

You’ll also receive a simple 1099-INT form which details the interest payments you received for a particular tax year, and you’ll only pay tax on what you actually receive.

Go With The Pros

When making an investment, you should always seek counsel from the industry professionals.

They often have the experience and knowledge to help you better understand your investment without becoming overwhelmed or snowballed by confusing jargon.

For example, the Fixed Income Fund is managed by our own Mr. Dan Venegoni, a licensed CPA, CMA, and investment professional with over 20 years of experience.

He has his own capital invested in the fund, which is why you can trust him to ensure your high return investment will remain safe and secure.

All of these tips will hopefully help guide you to the right type of investment for your precious dollars. If you’re interested in the Fixed Income Fund, contact Tactical Wealth today.