Ah, retirement.

Doesn’t that word just elicit a positive response in your mind?

Relaxation. No more work. Travel. Fun.

But, as financial planning becomes somewhat of a lost art, we’re finding that retirees are unable to reap the full benefits of the seeds they’ve planted while working through their entire lives.

Here are but a few troubling statistics about 60-somethings in today’s working class:

  • 82 percent of “Sixty-Somethings” expect to, or are already, working past the age of 65 and/or do not ever plan to retire.
  • 47 percent expect to rely on social security as their primary form of income in retirement, and only 29 percent say they know a “great deal” about social security.
  • 73 percent think their retirement transition, phased or otherwise, will take place through their current employer.
  • 52 percent plan to work during or through retirement, mostly for health benefits and additional income.

In an earlier blog, we discussed some of the common struggles faced by retirees in the world today.

These statistics only add to those woes.

Our goal with the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund is to minimize those struggles and help our clients enjoy their retirement, and therefore their lives, to the fullest.

We think retirement should be the time in your life where you’re able to kick your feet up and relax, without having to worry about finances, working, or other stresses.

After all, you’ve spend over 60 years doing plenty of that.

That’s why we’re here to help.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your retirement and achieve peace of mind.

Invest Wisely

Making the right investment can create a world of difference when planning for retirement.

Many people utilize (or, should utilize) their employer’s 401k program, and the really savvy planners may even open a traditional or Roth IRA at some point during their working lives.

While these vehicles will certainly help you take the right steps towards financial security, they aren’t your only options.

When the time is right, Tactical Wealth can help you with the most innovative high return investment on the market.

Our Fixed Income Fund is designed to provide our clients with stable, consistent income and peace of mind with their investment.

We target and purchase mortgage and trust deed loans that pay reliable interest in order to provide our clients with returns at a rate that is always fixed, and will never fluctuate with interest rates or the stock market.

Because it’s so thoroughly embedded in real estate, the only thing you really need to understand is mortgages, something that you’ve likely already encountered at some point in your life.

The Fixed Income Fund mitigates against risk by pooling our investments and targeting holdings in strategic markets with advantageous foreclosure laws and stable valuations.

We have flexible terms, and no investor fees.

Just a steady stream of monthly income paid out to you for a length that you decide, from as little as two years to as high as 30 years.

Plus, remember those 401k and IRA accounts we mentioned earlier? Well, you can use those to directly invest in our fund.

Talk about proper planning!

A high return investment such as the Fixed Income Fund can be crucial to helping you plan for, and enjoy, your retirement.

Now, let’s take a look at some ways you can live a fulfilling life after retirement thanks to the peace of mind afforded to you by the Fixed Income Fund!


One of the most common and enjoyable adventures retirees look forward to is travel.

Seeing the world, experiencing new cultures, and even sipping a drink by the pool or ocean are goals we all think about while cramped in an office for days (and years) on end.

Around 70 percent of retirees say that traveling has helped them enjoy life after work while also improving their mood and lowering their stress levels.

Take some time to plan your dream vacation after you retire, and utilize your return from the Fixed Income Fund to finance your trip.

Maybe you want to buy a new car or motor home and take a road trip through the United States.

Maybe you want to buy two tickets to paradise and relax on the beach at an all-inclusive resort.

Maybe you’ve never visited Europe, and decide to travel across the pond for a foreign adventure.

All of these and more are possible after retirement, so be sure to take full advantage.

Try New Things

It could be the case that you always wanted to volunteer, but just never had the time or energy due to the stresses of your job.

Well now that you’re retired, you have all the time in the world!

Stay busy with a part-time job, volunteer, or pick up a new skill by trying out different hobbies.

Your community likely has classes and recreational activities abound, so get out and get involved in a way that fits your desires.

Find New Friends

Join a poker club. Strike up conversations at the library. Meet your fellow classmates at the gym.

Whatever your cup of tea may be, take the time in retirement to meet new people and find others who enjoy similar hobbies.

Maybe you’ll meet your soulmate, or a new lifelong friend. Now that you no longer have work to get in the way, you can dedicate your days to leisure and laughter with your new pals.


Hey, this is totally acceptable as well.

You’ve worked hard your entire life.

If you want to sit back in retirement, enjoying the fruits of your labor by gardening, watching every baseball game imaginable, or sitting around the table reading the newspaper all day, that’s your prerogative.

You’re no longer in a hurry, so feel free to take your time getting up in the morning.

If you can’t relax now, then when can you?

Plus, with the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund, doing nothing is even more rewarding.

All it takes is an initial principal investment, and you too can receive steady, reliable income throughout the duration of your loan.

Contact Tactical Wealth today to get started and enjoy your retirement to the fullest.