The time has finally come.

After years of punching the clock and/or running a business, you’re ready to call it quits. Retirement used to seem like an impossibility when you first entered the workforce a number of decades ago. Now, though, you’re finally able to control how you spend your time.

Our team at Tactical Wealth wants to help you get the most out of these years. Here are some ideas to consider once you become a retiree:

Travel the world

Gone are the days of limited vacation time. Retirement affords you the opportunity to visit a foreign country for weeks (or months) at a time. There’s no better way to celebrate getting out of the workforce than by taking a long, tropical cruise.

Remodel the house

Maybe you put off home improvements because you just never had the time. However, during your retirement years, you’ll have plenty of time to tackle those renovations.

What kinds of renovations do you have in mind? It could be adding a fresh, modern look to the kitchen or living room. Another possibility is finishing the basement and converting it into a comfortable, yet functional space.

Start a new hobby

As you well know, it’s difficult to maintain regular hobbies during working years. Retirement is a great chance to expand on your interests. Think about taking on activities such as fishing, hiking, gardening, painting, or photography.

While you certainly want to enjoy your fair share of free time in retirement, it’s imperative to keep your mind and body active with hobbies.


It’s not surprising that many retirees use their free time to give back. We’re willing to bet there are countless volunteer opportunities in your area. If you’re at all unsure about where to get started, try getting in touch with your local church or a charitable organization.

Get a part-time job

Your job was an integral part of your life for decades. Monday through Friday, you woke up early, made some coffee, and went to work. Over the years, that same routine became ingrained in you.

A number of retirees still want a place to go every day. So why not consider a part-time job that not only allows you to stay sharp but also socialize with others. Plus, maybe you can use the extra income for date nights or time with the grandkids.

Your Source For High Return Investments

Are you not very confident in your current retirement strategy? Then it’s time to consider a fixed income investment with Tactical Wealth. For years, we have helped clients establish a diversified investment portfolio.

Part of what separates our fund is that it invests in mortgage and trust deed loans, which are completely free from the stock market’s volatility. No longer will you have to worry about crashes. Instead, your investment will yield steady, stable, and high returns.

The strategic income fund at Tactical Wealth is second to none. We are proud to offer the best fixed income investments and risk averse investments. Call us today to get started.