In a Nutshell, Here’s How the Program Works:

▸ We buy mortgage and trust deed loans on residential real estate that pay steady interest at a fixed rate throughout the maturity duration.

▸ The fund is backed by a pool of real estate assets; so all you need to know is how a mortgage works

▸ It’s less risky and complex than other fixed income products like annuities, bonds, and securities.

▸ Because is it’s easy for investors to understand, it’s easy to sell and renew: our renewal rate is currently 86 percent.

▸ It’s an ideal product for both clients and agents who want to earn stable, dependable recurring income.

▸ Receive up to 1 percent of credit every period for the total sales you’ve produced.

▸ Choose how you want to balance your compensation and taxation through up-front, recurring, or deferred payments.

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