Introducing the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund compensation plan for annuity agents.

Our Fixed Income Fund is a great product for your clients, and a great business model for agents looking to create steady income streams. Earn more than double the payouts of the typical annuity commissions, utilize our back office support, and keep more of what you earn by using our tax strategies built specifically for agents. 

The Fixed Income Fund provides you with more than another revenue stream.  It gives you peace of mind and groundwork for receiving recurring revenue throughout your career.

Some of the benefits of working with Tactical Fixed Income, LLC:

  • Recurring revenue distribution pays you for business earned in prior periods through an entire agent’s lifecycle
  • Flexible payout options allow agents to choose their payout on each investment. Choose to receive recurring monthly payments or one-time, upfront payments similar to annuities. This allows you to control your cash flow and taxes.
  • A superior, real estate-backed investment vehicle perfect for annuity clients looking for fixed income
  • Operational support provided to streamline your operations and allow you to focus on the highest value activity. Offload your low-value activities including appointment setting, investment paperwork, compliance, accounting, etc. to our in-house team.
  • Tap our expert panel to provide advanced tax planning, legal assistance, and proposal generation to help you land bigger deals and service existing clients.

Our compensation plan factors in the entire lifecycle of an agent’s activity, meaning your payouts will only increase as you receive up to 1 percent of credit every period of the total sales you generated in the previous periods. We also offer a unique tax structure option that allows you to defer compensation and reduce taxes substantially.

This provides a significantly more lucrative commission opportunity than otherwise provided by annuities. Our compensation plan typically generates more than double the income over standard 7-8 percent annuity commissions, all through a much more tax-efficient structure.

Tactical Fixed Income provides an early retirement plan through our built-in business buyout for those looking to hang up their sales hat.  While building your business, you decide what your payout schedule is on every transaction. Take a look at this Time Value of Money Calculator to see what works best for your goals.

Our back office support is available to you and provides a full spectrum of services to help you grow your business. Our platform includes a robust CRM and marketing material that you can white-label as your own, automated accounting and commission splits for you and your firm, client portals and mobile apps branded to you, and staff to book appointments and complete the paperwork for all your clients.

You and your clients also get our comprehensive financial planning software that provides real-time valuations of all investments across annuities, brokerage accounts, and other assets held away through one seamless platform.

Get ahead of the on-and-off-again DOL fiduciary rules that prevent agents from allocating all client investments to annuities. Whether that rule gets implemented or not, the regulation changes are clearly heading that way. Our funds exceed the regulatory requirements and greatly reduces liability, as well as providing great service to your clients.

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It’s time to take the next step in your sales career. Learn more about Tactical Wealth and see if it’s the right opportunity for you. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about becoming an annuity agent.  

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