1. Mistakes to Avoid when Planning for Retirement

    It’s never too late to fix a retirement planning mistake. The key, however, is identifying it early and coming up with an effective solution. Here are some of the common retirement planning mistakes, as referenced from US News: Mistake No. 1: Only focusing on the rate of return Many soon-to-be ret…Read More

  2. What to Do in Retirement

    The time has finally come. After years of punching the clock and/or running a business, you’re ready to call it quits. Retirement used to seem like an impossibility when you first entered the workforce a number of decades ago. Now, though, you’re finally able to control how you spend your time. …Read More

  3. The Best Long-Term Investing Strategies

    The investment game is not a sprint — it’s a marathon. Practicing patience is an important, if sometimes forgotten, virtue when it comes to investing. Many people want to see their money grow instantly, whether it’s because they are desperate or simply because they are impatient. But unfortuna…Read More

  4. What Are The Best Fixed Income Investments?

    Planning for retirement is supposed to be fun. This is the time in your life where you get to kick back, relax, and maybe finally take that trip that you’ve always dreamt about. But when it comes to figuring out your income — namely, where your income will now be coming from — there can be a l…Read More

  5. Investing In Fixed Income Annuities: Pros and Cons

    Understanding investments can be difficult. With confusing terms and conditions — not to mention dealing with brokers who entice you with promises of riches only to see themselves get richer — the world of investing can be perplexing to say the least. How do you know which investments are right …Read More

  6. How To Make Tax Efficient Withdrawals In Retirement

    Let’s face it: you want to keep as much of your money as possible in retirement. That’s a simple, indisputable, common-sense type of fact. But another fact of the matter is, unfortunately, at some point you’re going to have to pay taxes on the money you’ve saved. When you first started your …Read More

  7. How To Optimize Your Social Security Benefits

    Social Security benefits are not simply a ticket that you cash in. There are different loopholes, different strategies, and different sets of benefits to consider, all of which could have a significant impact on your ability to not just live, but thrive in retirement. Do you feel that you are fully …Read More

  8. Fixed Annuities vs. Stocks: Pros And Cons (Part 3)

    We’ve learned all about CDs. We’ve learned all about bonds. At Tactical Wealth, our aim is to help you get the most relevant and useful information in order to make the right investments for your goals and financial situation. In this blog, the third part in our series about understanding annuit…Read More

  9. Fixed Annuities vs. Bonds: Pros And Cons (Part 2)

    What are annuities? In this blog series, our aim is to help you make informed investment decisions by understanding annuities, bonds, CDs, stocks, and other popular securities. At Tactical Wealth, we have your financial security and happiness at the forefront of our minds. Part I of our series on un…Read More