Planning for retirement is supposed to be fun.

This is the time in your life where you get to kick back, relax, and maybe finally take that trip that you’ve always dreamt about.

But when it comes to figuring out your income — namely, where your income will now be coming from — there can be a lot of added stress that makes your retirement preparations less enjoyable.

Allow us to be of some service.

At Tactical Wealth, we believe that everyone should have access to stable, consistent income — even all the way through retirement.

That’s why our innovative fixed income fund serves as the best investment for those who are in need of stability, security, and peace of mind after their days of earning paychecks are over.

But retirees aren’t the only people who can benefit from the fixed income fund. From young professionals to savvy investors, the list of people who can benefit from fixed income investments is long and varied.

In this blog, we’ll break down a few of the best fixed income investments for those looking for a high-return, low-risk vehicle.

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Municipal Bonds

Bonds are one of the most common fixed income investments out there, traditionally because they are fairly stable, secure, and most of all carry little risk.

However, when it comes to the world of investing, little risk also tends to mean little reward. That is certainly the truth when it comes to municipal bonds, which are offered through local (and some federal) government entities.

While a municipal bond will generate fixed income throughout its duration, you can really only expect rates that are between one and three percent.

Fixed Annuities

We’ve covered fixed annuities extensively in this blog, and with good reason. These securities are typically among the most reliable when it comes to producing stable, reliable interest payments on a monthly basis.

That’s why many retirees opt to include fixed annuities in their retirement strategies. However, as we’ve also said, many annuities also carry lower interest rates while also coming with extravagantly high fees.

While annuities are typically safe and secure, the low fees and high rates tend to make a poor combination when it comes to your money.

Dividend Stocks

While dividend stocks offer higher returns on a monthly basis, and even the opportunity to compound those returns to amass even more, you also must consider the fact that your money deserves to be protected.

You have worked hard to secure a healthy nest egg of savings over the years — do you really want to trust the stock market with all that you have to lose?

This is a question that must be answered before you go out in search of those high returns.

Fixed Income Fund

When it comes to fixed income investments, no bond, annuity, or stock can compete with the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund.

That’s because our fund combines the very best of what these other fixed investments have to offer — including security, risk mitigation, high yielding interest rates, and no fees — and then filters out the negatives of each.

Our strategy is to purchase mortgage and trust deed loans, which each have a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 70 percent, allowing you (the investor) to generate stable and lucrative monthly interest payments.

Our fixed rates are higher than annuities, bonds, and CDs, and aren’t subject to the volatile stock market whatsoever.

And with zero investor fees, management fees, or transaction fees, you get peace of mind in knowing that your savings are yours to keep.

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