Have you been keeping up with the recent news about the stock markets?

If you are an avid investor, there’s a good chance you have been. And there’s also a good chance that you don’t like what you see. While the last few months had been fairly and steadily fruitful for stock market investors, the beginning of February 2018 hasn’t exactly been the most ideal situation for the markets or investors.

The stock market has plunged sharply during the first few weeks of February, with the Dow Jones falling down as much as 1,600 points — which The New York Times pointed out was nearly six percent of its total value — on February 5.

This recent dip in the markets has caused many investors to be wary of their money, and rightfully so. Putting money into the volatile stock market is always a risk, as Tactical Wealth has pointed out numerous times in previous blogs

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The ultimate question, now that you are fully (and perhaps even painfully) aware of the stock market dip, is this: is your money protected?

That is, do you have a way to assure that you won’t be losing it all if the market continues to plummet? Having a contingency plan is critical when it comes to aggressive trading, and there’s no better avenue to assure that your money is safe and your lifestyle kept in tact than the Fixed Income Fund.

What Does The Future Look Like?

We’ve seen this story before. Over the past six-plus years, stock markets like the Dow Jones and S&P have risen to historic highs which hadn’t been seen since, well, the last two major crashes in American trading history.

The bubble always, always bursts. That’s the risk you run when playing the game.

And according to MarketWatch on February 8, the U.S. stock futures appear poised to continue their bumpy ride for the foreseeable future.

Their experts predict that the worst of the volatility is far from over, citing a number of potential factors such as political worries, rising bond yields, and signs of inflation. While they predict that the overall health of the U.S. economy won’t be drastically impacted by the falling markets, the same thing can’t necessarily be said for individual traders and the health of their portfolio.

What’s The Solution?

The best way to protect your money in the current market is to move it to a fixed income product. If the current (and past) bubbles are any indication, it could be some time before markets begin to rise once again.

And everyday that you wait for things to pick up could be money that you aren’t earning — or even worse, it could mean money is being lost.

The Fixed Income Fund from Tactical Wealth, on the other hand, protects against risk and provides stable, consistent monthly income that you can always count on. Our fixed income rates provide peace of mind and are significantly higher than those offered by bonds and annuities.

Not to mention, fixed income products protect against risk while still allowing you to compound your investments to see higher gains.

Sure, in the short term it may not provide as high of an upside as the stock market — but in times like this, wouldn’t it be wiser to invest in something that is always going to be providing a kickback, rather than something which could be eating away from your wealth?

As they say, slow and steady wins the race — and no investment is more stable and steady than the Fixed Income Fund.

Risk Protection

The Fixed Income Fund provides reliable risk mitigation through a number of methods. By purchasing mortgage and trust deed loans in markets that are historically stable and with advantageous foreclosure laws, we are putting our pooled investments into the oldest and most reliable asset: real estate.

Our assets are backed by real value, and therefore not subject to the market volatility of stocks. Not to mention, our fixed income assets come backed by an established contingency reserve, which ensures that our investors still receive their monthly payouts even in the event of a non-performing loan or other incident.

Additionally, for those investors who are looking to compound their wealth for the future rather than take a monthly payout now, the Fixed Income Fund allows for just that. You can choose to reinvest your interest distributions each month, therefore significantly improving your gains upon your note’s maturation.

Fixed income products are the future of investing. And with stock markets plummeting rapidly, the future is now.

Contact Tactical Wealth for your free report today and see why the Fixed Income Fund could be right for you.