Are you ready for retirement?

Whether you’re ready or not, the time to start preparing is now. While retirement is essentially a pre-planned point in our lives, it can still be somewhat jarring — not just mentally (what will you do with all that free time?), but also financially.

In order to help avoid a financial crisis in retirement, it’s important to have a set plan regarding what to do with your money. The simple fact of the matter is that Social Security is not going to provide enough for you to live a lifestyle to which you are accustomed. And unfortunately, neither will your 401K or IRA.

That’s why certain fixed income investments are becoming more and more popular among retirees. But what are the best fixed income investments?

In this blog, we’ll explore the pros and cons of some of the more popular and advantageous fixed income investments for retirees. Then, we’ll introduce you to the most viable answer for stable, consistent monthly income through retirement, known as the Fixed Income Fund.

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Real Estate Trusts

What could be a better value investment than the oldest asset around? Real estate trusts present a unique opportunity for retirees to earn steady, consistent fixed income dividends at fixed intervals.

One of the reasons why real estate trusts are more advantageous than, say, stocks is because they tend to yield higher returns while also serving as a more secure investment.

Why are they more secure? Simply because they are backed by real value, as opposed to hypothetical values of the fluctuating stock market.

However, the downsides of real estate investment trusts (REITs) include increasing mortgage rates and the need to take on a high amount of debt in order to expand your holdings.


Bonds have been a popular fixed income investment among retirees for years, largely because they are simple and fairly straightforward.

Municipal bonds are, essentially, debt securities that are purchased from state/county/city governments. In exchange for your investment, the government eventually pays you back, with interest, at a later (previously agreed-upon) date.

Your interest is allowed to grow in a tax-free manner, making this a solid way to grow your money for when you retire.

However, while the tax-free interest may sound appealing, just know that the rates are so low that an investment in a bond isn’t going to yield big-time returns.

Fixed Annuities

If the idea of a bond interests you, but you’d rather have your dividends paid out in increments for a fixed amount of time, then annuities might be a better way to go.

One of the biggest perks of fixed annuities, which are essentially small investment loans paid to insurance companies, is that they are guaranteed to yield returns at a certain rate. That means you can always rely on a certain amount to be paid out to you each month, quarter, year, or whatever term period you decide on.

However, while annuities are a great way to protect against fluctuating stock rates, once again it’s important to remember that fixed annuity rates are fairly low.

While you will be generating a reliable stream of income, it’s worth wondering if there is a better, more lucrative way to grow your investment.

The Fixed Income Fund

Now there is a way to earn stable, consistent income in retirement with rates that are higher than real estate trusts, bonds, and even fixed annuities.

The Fixed Income Fund is the answer that retirees have been searching for since they first started planning. A simple principal investment in the Fixed Income Fund allows retirees to generate stable income at fixed rates that are higher than annuities, bonds, and CD’s.

Not to mention, an investment in the Fixed Income Fund is backed by real estate mortgages and assets, meaning they have real value and are not tied to the volatile stock market in any way.

Think of our Fixed Income Fund as a way to get all of the great benefits of the aforementioned fixed income investments — stable returns, low risk, maximum asset value, and high interest rates — without any of the negatives.

And we haven’t even mentioned one of the best parts just yet. With the Fixed Income Fund by Tactical Wealth, you pay no fees. That means the money you earn off your investment is yours, and yours alone.

Choose from a simple, two-year note or a 30-year lifetime annuity that will provide you with high-interest income throughout retirement.

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