You’ve had the day circled on your calendar for quite some time. In just a few months (or years), you will be a retiree. Financially, the time is right.

But are you prepared emotionally to walk away from the workforce? Maybe more importantly, are you ready to begin a new journey? Believe it or not, it takes time to get accustomed to this transition.

Here are some tips for emotionally preparing for your ‘golden years.’

Figure out what to fill your time with

Say goodbye to those early morning presentations and mid-afternoon lunch meetings. You’re the one who calls the shots now. This is your opportunity to spend the money you saved and enjoy other things.

Many retirees decide to travel, volunteer, or take up a new hobby. Yes, you can also expect lots of time with your grandchildren! Whatever your passion may be in retirement, enjoy every second of it.

Talk with others who successfully made the transition

This can be a major challenge for soon-to-be-retirees. You may have spent decades as a manager and/or some sort of mentor at work. Simply put, you take great pride in everything you accomplished at the office.

Now that you’re about to retire, what’s going to happen to your identity? Try being proactive about speaking with others who made the transition from the workforce to retirement. You’ll probably find that instead of identifying as a supervisor or another role, you’ll have more time to focus on just being a great husband, dad, grandpa, and friend.

Have a plan for living in retirement

You spent decades planning for retirement. But chances are you didn’t really know how to live in retirement. Take some time before your last day at the office and figure out what you have and what you need.

Maybe there’s a concern you’re going to outlive your money. If that’s the case, you may need to re-evaluate your investment strategy (more on that in a bit). The last thing you want is to stress yourself out when spending money during retirement.

Determine the differences between spending and wasting money

This is another big one. You probably wouldn’t have reached retirement had you not been a good saver. During retirement, though, it’s imperative to become a good spender.

No, we’re not talking about buying a bunch of new cars or taking vacations every other week. Make it a point to look at your retirement savings and figure out which interests you can and can’t afford. This kind of budgeting allows you to make the most sensible spending choices.

Think about making high return investments

As a young professional, you took your chances with stocks, bonds, and annuities. You certainly enjoyed some moderate success here and there. Unfortunately, you nearly pulled your hair out over the constant ups and downs of the stock market.

Surely there has to be a better way to invest during your retirement years, right? Today, more retirees than ever before are finding financial peace of mind with the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund.

Wouldn’t it be nice to use investments as an effective means to replace salary? That’s exactly what the Fixed Income Fund does. Not only that, but clients receive reliable monthly income without having to dip into savings.

The Best Fixed Income Investments

Our fund has achieved an A+ investment rating, mostly because of its unbeatable annuity rate offerings. Those who have been searching for a low-risk, high-return contribution have to check out these rates:

  • Three years at 2.42 percent
  • Five years at 3.37 percent
  • 10 years at 4.75 percent

We are often asked what separates our fund from others. It’s simple, really. The Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund offers higher interest rates, more stability, and a contingency reserve to protect you against non-performing loans.

With Tactical Wealth, you can finally benefit from the diversified investment portfolio you’ve always wanted. On top of everything else, our fund is easy to understand, offers a stress-free monthly cash return, and imposes no investor fees or transaction fees.

Let us help make your emotional preparations for retirement easier. If you’re ready to take the next step toward financial freedom, contact us today for your free report.