You considerable yourself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to planning for retirement. Still, there are some little-known facts that could save you thousands of dollars once you are ready to call it quits in the workforce for good.

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Americans are concerned their retirement will be uncomfortable

What’s your vision of retirement? Maybe it’s traveling the world or spoiling your grandchildren. Perhaps it’s taking up a new hobby or volunteering on a regular basis. Unfortunately, more Americans are more concerned about their retirement now than ever before.

The Motley Fool cites a 2017 Retirement Confidence Survey of the Employee Benefit Research Institute in which nearly 40 percent of respondents are not confident they have enough money to live comfortably during their ‘golden years.’ The takeaway with this fact is to set yourself up for financial peace of mind while you’re still working, at least as much as possible.

Many people have no retirement savings

More than half of those same respondents said they had less than $50,000 saved for retirement. Not ideal, right? What’s more alarming, though, is that 24 percent of workers admitted they had less than $1,000 available for post-work years.

Again, the lesson here is to start saving early and let compound interest do the heavy lifting. We’ll get into additional wealth-building strategies later in the post.

Healthcare costs can be exorbitant

Imagine you and your significant other spending more than $250,000 out of pocket on healthcare in retirement. Though it’s hard to fathom, that’s the average according to Fidelity Investments. While we can’t exactly take 100 percent control over our health, we can be proactive.

So do your retired self a favor and start exercising more, eating healthier, and getting enough sleep.

Your retirement may last longer than you originally thought

Let’s say you stop working at 65 and live to 95. Will your nest egg support you comfortably for three decades? This is certainly something to consider, especially if you have a good deal of longevity in your family.

Americans are choosing to work longer

This is a multifaceted strategy. If you’re healthy and love what you do, why not stay in the workforce for several years longer? Doing so allows you to continue building your nest egg and enjoy employer-sponsored healthcare.

These aren’t the only benefits of holding off on retirement, though. The fact is that many retirees struggle during their golden years because they don’t have the routine they did when they were in the workforce. Staying employed helps you feel more productive and connected with others.

Lastly, taking advantage of this strategy may ultimately boost your Social Security benefits.

A fixed income investment could be your best friend in retirement

For years, you’ve watched the ups and downs of the stock market. Maybe you’ve grown frustrated with the minimal performance of annuities and bonds. If that’s the case, then it’s time to consider stable, high return investments from Tactical Wealth.

With our Fixed Income Fund, you never have to worry about investor fees or other gimmicks. This strategic income fund diversifies its portfolio by maturities, loan types, and property locations. However, the main focus is on loans in areas with historically stable valuations to avoid any potential bubbles.

The Difference of Risk-Averse Investments

Here’s the thing: the Fixed Income Fund manager requires a minimum $50,000 investment. That said, Tactical Wealth reserves the right to accept subscriptions in a lesser amount depending on the circumstance.

So what exactly makes the Fixed Income Fund a better investment on your end? The main thing is that it offers higher interest rates, more stability, and security, as well as a contingency reserve to protect you against potential non-performing loans.

Here at Tactical Wealth, we value your investment with our fund just as much as you do. That’s why we go above and beyond to make things simple and stress-free. For example, our fund deposits cash earnings directly into your bank account monthly.

Subscribers also have the option to substantially increase their earnings by letting their interest payments compound month over month.

There’s no question that a diversified investment portfolio plays an integral part of retirement. Tactical Wealth offers some of the best-fixed income investments in the industry.

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