It’s never too early to start planning for the future.

This is a topic we’ve covered extensively in this blog, particularly because it’s a topic about which we are passionate. By saving for retirement and keeping debts down to a minimum, young people can set themselves up for financial success and peace of mind throughout their career and, more importantly, throughout retirement.

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And while this is all well and good to hear, it’s not always so simple to understand where you should start. Navigating through the murky investment waters on your own can be overwhelming, complicated, and downright dangerous. This is your financial future we’re talking about, after all.

While there are several investment vehicles out there which are advantageous — such as an employer-sponsored 401K, individual IRA, and more — there are others which can be detrimental to your financial goals.

Lifetime annuities, however, are among the safest and most beneficial long-term, high-return investments that young professionals today can make. There are many unique advantages to lifetime annuities that other securities like stocks, bonds, and even some variable annuities simply can’t offer.

If you are a young professional who is just starting out in your career and are looking to plan ahead for the future, then you might want to consider fixed income with a lifetime annuity.

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Stock Markets Are Volatile

You have likely learned about the stock market through high school education, college lectures, and possibly even real-world experience.

Right now, many are claiming that stock markets are at all-time highs — which means it’s the perfect time to move any money you may have in them to a fixed income fund or lifetime annuity.

Many young professionals are rightfully leary of stock markets, whether it be through education or from hearing stories from their parents or other adults who have been unable to retire due to various market crashes.

Maybe investing is just too complicated to follow. Maybe you’ve heard about fraudulent investors and their scandals. Maybe you know there are excessive fees built into these products. Or maybe you just don’t trust these stock market brokers because you know that they’re simply recommending products that pay the highest commission — even if that means setting you up with a product that may not work for your goals.

Whatever the case may be, it’s only natural to be wary of the volatile markets. With fixed income and lifetime annuities, you can avoid all of that stress and risk by receiving stable, consistent monthly income at a high rate of return.

Our Fixed Income Fund, for example, doesn’t carry any investor fees or management fees, and it allows you to compound wealth for the future without having to live in fear of the next bubble burst. That’s because our assets are backed by real value, and not to mention we have an established contingency reserve for comprehensive risk mitigation.

Maximum Gains

As a young professional, there’s a high likelihood that you’re simply looking to compound your wealth for the future. Having this type of foresight already gives you an edge, and when you look at the many advantages of lifetime annuities you get the opportunity to reap even more rewards.

Many young professionals want an incredible retirement plan that is simple, transparent, and of course extremely lucrative. Well with the Fixed Income Fund, you get all of that and more.

Take our 30-year investment, for example. This fixed income product acts much like other lifetime annuities, providing a stable, consistent monthly income at a lucrative rate of return. However, how the Fixed Income Fund differs is that it actually provides higher interest rates than annuities.

Our 30-year note offers an impressive interest rate that is currently upwards of 5.75 percent. Therefore, a 30-year investment with compounded payments (meaning you don’t take your distributions until your note fully matures) generates a return on investment of over 426 percent! That comes out to about 14.5 percent growth annually, which dominates almost every other professional investors’ record oer a similar time period.

Many brokers and experts expect returns to average about seven percent per year — which means our take on lifetime annuities actually more than doubles that average.

That means you get more money and secure wealth for the future without the pain, panic, or confusion brought about by stock markets.

Starting Is Easy

As opposed to those complicated and overwhelming stocks, getting started with the Fixed Income Fund is easy.

In just nine simple steps, you can make progress toward financial security now and in the future. When searching for an advantageous, simple, and lucrative retirement strategy, young professionals from all walks of life should consider lifetime annuities and the Fixed Income Fund.

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