1. The Best Long-Term Investing Strategies

    The investment game is not a sprint — it’s a marathon. Practicing patience is an important, if sometimes forgotten, virtue when it comes to investing. Many people want to see their money grow instantly, whether it’s because they are desperate or simply because they are impatient. But unfortuna…Read More

  2. The Future Of Investing

    The history of investing is a vast and complicated matter. Way back in 1700 B.C., there were early laws implemented which paved the framework for investing in projects, land, and more — complete with punishments for anyone who broke their obligation as a debtor or creditor. Moving ahead to 1602, i…Read More

  3. How Can Young Professionals Benefit From Fixed Income?

    It’s never too early to start planning for the future. This is a topic we’ve covered extensively in this blog, particularly because it’s a topic about which we are passionate. By saving for retirement and keeping debts down to a minimum, young people can set themselves up for financial success…Read More

  4. Saving For Retirement Without Stocks

    Peaks. Valleys. Bears. Bulls. The stock market can be a somewhat rewarding, highly risky, and extremely volatile place to put your money. With confusing terms, conditions, and rates abound, you may find that it’s not the best available option to grow your retirement savings. After all, despite mar…Read More

  5. Don’t Be Fooled By Annuity Distribution Rates

    When searching through the different lifetime annuities out there, it’s important that you fully understand the fine print associated with them. You should know how your personal investments are managed, after all, and one trick that we’ve noticed within the industry is that annuity rates are ty…Read More

  6. How Do Lifetime Annuities Work?

    We’ve talked a lot about the different annuity options out there in the wide world of personal investing. But one thing we haven’t explored enough is the advantage of having a powerful lifetime annuity on your side and in your portfolio. How do you know if lifetime annuities are right for you? I…Read More