We’ve talked a lot about the different annuity options out there in the wide world of personal investing. But one thing we haven’t explored enough is the advantage of having a powerful lifetime annuity on your side and in your portfolio.

How do you know if lifetime annuities are right for you? It’s simple. If you’re looking for stable, consistent income without having to worry about whether you’re going to outlive your savings, then it’s probably a good idea to explore a lifetime annuity.

At Tactical Wealth, our Fixed Income Fund serves you best when it’s implemented as a lifetime annuity of sorts. Our 30 year note, for example, offers the highest rate of return — currently at 5.75 percent — which means you are able to receive more money for longer.

Before we dive in deeper, let’s take a quick glance at what exactly a “lifetime annuity” means.

Simply put, these are strategic investments which require a principal payment up front. They then provide steady, reliable income each month, or at another regular interval of your choosing — at a fixed rate — as they accumulate interest over a set period of time.

Now, let’s take a look at some more features of lifetime annuities.

How Do They Work?

Lifetime annuities, such as the Tactical Wealth Fixed Income Fund, use your initial investment to purchase assets like real estate mortgages, which then pay out monthly interest payments back to the investors at a fixed rate.

When Do Payments Begin?

Your payments can begin immediately after you make your principal payment. Or you can choose to significantly increase your returns by letting your income compound over time.

How Long Do They Last?

That all depends on you. Typically, lifetime annuities are designed to provide you with stable monthly income for as long as you are living. With our Fixed Income Fund, you can choose from several different maturity options — from two years to 30 years — though will see the highest rate of return with our 30-year note.

How Do My Payments Arrive?

Here’s the best part: Your monthly payments are deposited directly into the bank account of your choice each and every month.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits are seemingly endless. With the Fixed Income Fund, you are guaranteed the highest rates, stable income for however long you need it, and peace of mind knowing you won’t outlive your savings.

What Happens If I Die Prematurely?

In the event that you pass away before your note is fully matured, you can rest easy knowing that your investment doesn’t just disappear. In most cases, your family member or beneficiary will continue receiving your monthly payments until the note matures.

Are There Any Fees?

Not with Tactical Wealth. Though other investment brokerage firms will charge annual management fees for their lifetime annuities, our income fund is offered exclusively with zero management fees, zero transaction fees, and zero investor fees.

How Can I Get Started?

Stable, consistent income and peace of mind are only a few clicks away. All you need to do is contact Tactical Wealth and fill out a simple form to get your free report.