Peaks. Valleys. Bears. Bulls.

The stock market can be a somewhat rewarding, highly risky, and extremely volatile place to put your money. With confusing terms, conditions, and rates abound, you may find that it’s not the best available option to grow your retirement savings.

After all, despite markets currently being at an all-time high, one drastic dip could wipe away everything — or at least a significant chunk — that you have saved and are relying upon for later on in life.

Many people who have lived through the Great Recession, the tech bubble, and the credit crash will be the first to warn you of this. In fact, a 2012 article in Forbes noted that the “new retirement plan” was to save more and invest less.

The article cited the “millions” of Americans who witnessed their retirement plans going up in smoke through the stock market.

Don’t be one of these. Instead, discover how simply saving your money — and instead making a smart investment in lifetime annuities — can not only ensure that your money will be there when you need it most, but that it will continue to provide for you as long as you need.

Don’t risk outliving your savings. Discover the many benefits of saving for retirement without stocks. Keep reading to learn more, and see how our lifetime fixed income product can help you achieve peace of mind and financial stability.

Why You Should Avoid Stocks

The simple fact of the matter is that people are scared of stocks nowadays. And with good reason. At Tactical Wealth, we talk to a number of clients who have either had bad experiences with stock markets, have been bullied and overwhelmed by brokerage firms, or downright fearful of what might happen to their money.

We’ve talked about it before in this blog, but it’s important to repeat here: stock markets, even at their highest, are not always to be trusted.

While you may have been promised significant gains and growth during this peak, recent history has been enough to make us — and countless other investors — wary of what might loom ahead.

Take the tech bubble of the late 1990’s, for example. Then, like now, the S&P market was at an all- time high, seemingly promising endless gains for those invested. However, all of a sudden, the bubble burst, taking with it all of the gains that had been made over the course of several years.

Then we fast forward to the credit crash of 2008 — same formula, lather, rinse, repeat. Who’s to say that this current upward trajectory is sustainable?

It may be best to get out now, while you still have a chance, and instead put your retirement savings elsewhere.

Set Up Individual Retirement Accounts

While savings vehicles like 401Ks and IRAs still rely on the volatile stock markets to make money, chances are that your money is still going to be relatively safe there.

That’s because there are often limits imposed on when you can withdraw your money, which could be because it takes some time to earn it back (in the event of a drastic crash).

However, it’s still a relatively common and safe endeavor to make the maximum annual contributions allowed for these individual retirement accounts. This helps you avoid the risk of the open market while still setting aside tax-deferred savings for the future.

Explore Annuities

Perhaps the best way to save for retirement without having to go through the complex, daunting stock market is through annuities.

There are several different types of annuities out there to learn about, but the most important characteristic that each type carries is that they provide income at fixed intervals for a duration of your choosing.

After making an initial investment, you can typically start receiving your monthly, quarterly, or yearly returns immediately.

This can help provide a stream of income throughout retirement, which is a smart way to go about things. However, when searching for lifetime annuities, which provide income for as long as you live, it’s important that you take the time to find the right one for you.

Our lifetime fixed income fund operates much like other lifetime annuities, only with a few additional perks. For one, an initial investment in the Fixed Income Fund gets you access to the highest interest rates available.

Not to mention, you can choose to simply give your retirement savings a boost with a two-year investment, or you can get income for life with a 30-year investment.

Lifetime annuities are typically among the safest, most reliable moves you can make with your retirement savings. Learn more and contact Tactical Wealth today to get started.