The history of investing is a vast and complicated matter.

Way back in 1700 B.C., there were early laws implemented which paved the framework for investing in projects, land, and more — complete with punishments for anyone who broke their obligation as a debtor or creditor.

Moving ahead to 1602, it was the Amsterdam Stock Exchange which broke ground as the real institutional stock exchange. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange, also known as ASE, paved the way for potential investors to be paired up with investment opportunities. This market was one of the first of its kind which offered liquidity, publicized value of prospective investments, and even lowered transaction costs.

From those earliest of days, the world of investing has grown more complex, generated unspeakable amounts of cash, and evolved into the behemoth we know and love (and sometimes loathe) today.

But where do we go from here? What exactly does the future of investing look like? Is it cryptocurrency? Is it accessible to the masses? Does the stock market still hold value? The answers to those question will all depend on a few things; perspective being one and the values and trends of future generations being another.

Here at Tactical Wealth, we feel that lifetime annuities — like our Fixed Income Fund — are certainly in the conversation as the future of investing. These strategies provide stable, consistent income without the pain and crippling risk brought on by the stock market.

Keep reading to learn why lifetime annuities are the way of the future when it comes to investments and contact Tactical Wealth today to get started on your financial future.

Millennials Are Becoming Savvy

Despite the negative perception associated with America’s up-and-coming (and largest) generation, studies show that millennials are actually becoming better savers than their older counterparts.

Millennials have a mind for finding the right way to do things without being taken advantage of, not to mention they have their own set of core values, which could impact the way they perceive the traditional investment methods.

Rather than sense that they are being targeted by brokers who just want the largest commission, young professionals are seeking ways to invest without being subjected to hefty fees. That’s where lifetime annuities come in.

Lifetime annuities through the Fixed Income Fund operate without taking a single cent out of their returns. That can be appealing to a younger generation who knows what they want and what they are worth.

Stable Markets

Lifetime annuities are also attractive because their value never fluctuates. As opposed to stocks and bonds, which are always at the mercy of the volatile stock market, lifetime annuities like the Fixed Income Fund actually invest in assets that are backed by real value, such as real estate.

This provides for a more sound, more secure investment without the pain, risk, and concern over the next big crash.

How does the Fixed Income Fund protect against such risk? That’s simple. We purchase mortgage and trust deed loans in markets with historically stable values, along with advantageous foreclosure laws, in order to protect against non-performing loans.

Stability can make all of the difference when choosing an investment, and history shows that the stable investments — such as real estate and land — are among the oldest and most reliable assets for making money.

Age Expectancy

Why does age expectancy matter when it comes to investing? We’re glad you asked.

One of the biggest issues that tends to arise when people are close to retirement age is a fear that they will eventually outlive their savings. They then become more aggressive with their investments, in order to generate more money, but can ultimately end up losing it all and being left with no reserves.

This problem can be altogether eliminated with lifetime annuities. With a simple principal payment, a lifetime annuity investor gets peace of mind in knowing that they will receive stable, consistent income throughout the rest of their life.

As life expectancy continues to rise in the United States, lifetime annuities can be unequivocally advantageous as you can always count on your money coming in every single month.

Generate Wealth

Lifetime annuities are the future of investing because they are simple to understand, hold stable value, and are always reliable. When it comes to generating wealth now and in the future, the Fixed Income Fund will be there.

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