1. What Should You Ask About Your Investment Options?

    There are many different tips out there for choosing an investment strategy, including looking at common myths, assessing the different risks, and knowing the right time to invest. But there’s one tip that stands head and shoulders above the rest: Ask questions. That’s right. When it comes to yo…Read More

  2. When Should I Retire?

    As an employee, there’s a good chance you’ve already started thinking about retirement. (If you have, maybe you’ve already explored the many benefits of the Fixed Income Fund, and how it can help you generate a stable, consistent income along with peace of mind during your retirement.) Maybe y…Read More

  3. Real Estate Investing: Pros And Cons

    With the current market climate, investing in real estate has never seemed more favorable. From high growth to quick turnaround to advantageous interest rates, an investment in real estate can be a wise investment for you and your future, whether you’re looking to generate reliably monthly income …Read More

  4. Investing With Little Money

    Investing takes a whole lot of thought, precision, strategy, and confidence. And yes, it also takes money. But it doesn’t have to take all of your money. While spending big on a high return investment can reap you some great rewards later in life, it’s getting started with little money that can …Read More

  5. What Can You Do With $50,000

    Is $50,000 a lot of money? Much like anything in life, it all depends on the perspective of who you ask. However, there is no argument that a large lump sum of money like that can be used for many things, ranging from smart to risky to downright silly. Whether you have an excess balance in your savi…Read More

  6. How To Go Broke

    We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how to save money, accumulate wealth, and generate peace of mind when it comes to your finances with the Fixed Income Fund. That’s all well and good, and we truly hope you’ve found something on this blog that has helped (or will help) you navigate through …Read More

  7. Are You Doing Enough For Retirement?

    Fact: Most Americans don’t know whether or not they will be prepared enough to retire at age 65. According to a March 2017 study from the Center For Retirement Research at Boston College, around 52 percent of Americans who were polled indicated that they were at risk of seeing a significant drop-o…Read More

  8. Fixed Income Fund Facts And Figures

    Have you been wondering if an annuity investment is right for you? If you’re nearing the age for retirement, or if you recently came upon a large lump sum of cash and you want to make it last, or even if you’re just trying to plan ahead for the future, then there’s a good chance that making su…Read More

  9. Annuities For Beginners

    You hear it all the time. “It’s time to start investing,” they say. But where does one begin? Navigating through these murky waters is difficult, confusing, and often times overwhelming. There are so many investment options, each with different terms, conditions, qualifications, restrictions, …Read More

  10. Tips For Selling Investments

    When it comes to being a sales agent for investments -- whether you’re selling annuities, bonds, stocks, or preferably as an agent for the Fixed Income Fund -- you need to have a certain set of skills, patience, and compassion. Selling isn’t easy, but there are a whole lot of different tricks an…Read More